The Healing Power of Dissolving Self Rejection

The Healing Power of Dissolving Self Rejection by the Celestial White BeingsBy the Celestial White Beings
Channelled through Natalie Glasson-19th August 2014-
Much of what can be seen upon the Earth within the actions, reactions, perspectives and projections of humanity are a common vibration, feeling and acceptance of rejection. Such energy seems to hold a powerful hold upon humanity integrating into their energies to almost become a natural aspect and expression of their beings. If you were to seek rejection within your reality and the world you may notice that it appears in numerous forms, diversities and Continue reading

What is it to Experience?

What is it to Experience? by Lady Nada Natalie Glasson By Lady Nada

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 13th August
It is with the deepest of love and truth that I enter into your presence, sending streams of sea foam green cleansing and purification vibrations from the 8th ray of light at a Planetary level. Please know that at this tremendous, intense and transformational time of ascension you can always call upon my support, healing and loving presence , I am here as one of the beings leading and supporting deep purification processes especially at a soul level for those upon the Earth. You may call upon my assistance constantly if needs be, for I am open to be present with you supporting you in receiving the Creator within your being which also means recognising the Creator within your being.
I come forth to you supported by the Angelic Kingdom and the Lord and Lady Masters of Continue reading

A New Purification Healing Experience

A New Purification HealingNatalie Glasson OmNa  Experience by Lady NadaBy Lady Nada

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 6th August 2014-
It is with great christed blessing that I greet and honour your presence with me now. I am Lady Nada, Chohan and overseer of the 8th Ray of Light of a sea foam green light and higher aspect of Mary Magdalene. I come forth to you with immense volumes of love from the Angelic Kingdom and the Lord and Lady Masters of the Celestial Level supporting my being and purpose in this present moment. The support I receive is channelled through my being to you as you are the ultimate receiver of the divine.
Have you ever thought of yourself as an ultimate receiver of the divine? Have you thought it Continue reading

Natalie Glasson’s New Crystal Singing Bowl Family- Sacred School of OmNa


Natalie Glasson Crystal Singing BowlsOmNa School www.omna.orgI wanted to share with you all what I call my new ‘Crystal Singing Bowl Family,’ which comprises of three beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls each with a specific purpose, vibration and sound. They work beautifully and harmoniously together and sound magnificent. Two of my Crystal Singing Bowls I have had for a year, if you have attended one of my workshops you may have already met these two Bowls but lately I have a new Crystal Singing Bowl so I think that makes a family! If you are attending any of my future workshops you will be able Continue reading

Create Peace in the World with One Action by Archangel Metatron

Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson Create Peace in the World with One Action Archangel Metatron  2014Channelled through Natalie

It is often said to create peace in the world you simply need to love yourself unconditionally in a humble and grateful way and love everyone else in an open compassionate way. While mastering the act of sharing the natural love existing within your being is important there is one habit and energy needing to be dissolved before love can truly reign, be empowered and experienced in your reality. Without true realisation of this habit love cannot completely be recognised for its healing and uplifting power. When many people meditate and achieve spiritual practices seeking the experience of enlightenment they actually end up Continue reading