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Visit to Lithuania,Truth Awakening Ascended Master Workshop


Towards the end of June I had the opportunity to visit Lithuania and facilitate a workshop guided by the Ascended Master Brothers and Sisters of Light at Vilma’s Light House, Kaunas. This was my fourth visit to Lithuania. My book the ‘Twelve Rays of Light,’ was published in the Lithuanian language last year. I was delighted to see that many people were experiencing great joy and inspiration from the book, its wisdom and vibration.

Rita Rama who organises and invites many spiritual workshop facilitators to share with the Lithuanian people was instrumental in first inviting me to Read more

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Northern Ireland Channelled Ascended Master Workshop

Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson  channel Ireland Ciaran CorrNorthern Ireland Channelled Ascended Master Workshop

Truth Awakening & Recoding for 2013 & Beyond

With the Ascended Master Brothers and Sisters of Light

After meeting Ciaran in one of my London Workshops, he invited me to Northern Ireland to facilitate a channelled workshop in late May 2013. I was greatly looking forward to visiting Ireland again as on my last visits I found the people very warm and loving. I was guided to bring forward a workshop of two days entitled,’ Truth Awakening and Recoding for 2013 and beyond.’ My guides told me that male vibrational Ascended Masters would channel on the first day and Ascended Masters of a female vibration would channel on the second day. They shared that the workshop would be a spiritual energetic ride of a lifetime with numerous activation and meditations. During the workshop it also became apparent that Read more

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The Link Between Detoxing & Channelling

Written by Natalie Glasson, Website :

For some time now I have been suffering with acne, especially on my face and back, which seemed to be constantly erupting whatever cosmetics or creams I tried and whatever the situations in my reality. I really didn’t want to continue my adult life covering my face with makeup and feeling embarrassed about my out bursts so I mentioned my problem to Marian Bourne who is a friend of our family. Marian seemed sure that she would be able to assist me in getting to the core of the problem rather than just fighting the blemishes and invited me to her practice in Wimbledon, London, UK.

Marian-BourneFrom my first conversation with Marian in our session I recognised that she worked very intuitively, gaining guidance and feelings as to my problem and how it might be resolved. Marian suggested that my gut maybe causing the problems with my skin and that because of my channelling my body required only pure foods as any kind of processed or modified foods would cause my gut, digestion and body irritation. In order to support the light that I transmit daily through my channel I needed to nourish my body with food of the same pure and high vibrational frequencies. I am aware of blessing and healing food before consuming but Read more

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Glastonbury April 2013

Glastonbury April 2013

Mary Magdalene’s Holy Grail Awakening Workshop and Master Jesus Enhanced Christ Connection and Mastery Workshop at the Chalice Well Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Over 30 beautiful souls gathered in Glastonbury to attend the Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus workshops which I was channelling in the Chalice Well Meeting Rooms. This truly felt to me like a gathering of family members in order to support each other, emanate our light, connect and of course bathe in the sacred light and vibrations of Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus.

Mary Magdalene came forward with such power and presence to the group sharing her own understanding of the Holy Grail and some memories of Read more

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What Is It To Be Enlightened?

Sacred School of OmNa Natalie GlassonWhat Is It To Be Enlightened?

Written by Natalie Glasson 21/03/13

This question is something that I often contemplate, especially as a channel most days in my reality sharing different and diverse wisdom, meditations and spiritual practices to assist others in gaining that state of enlightenment or ascension. I am aware that there are many pathways to enlightenment, all are valued and beautifully appropriate to inspire souls on the Earth. We are all open to following certain practices given by guides or Ascended Masters, we allow ourselves to be inspired by those around us and our soul’s guidance or intuition, but do we really have an understanding of why we are following the spiritual path, what the results or even the end result will be? Many of us may say that ascension or enlightenment are the results and goal of a spiritual path,  but again these are simply words, how can we translate and experience them in our physical or even energetic realities?

I have always had the understanding shared with me through my channel that enlightenment and ascension are Read more