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Returning to the Power of Grace, Glastonbury Experience 2013

Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson Glastonbury Tor AvalonReturning to the Power of Grace

Written by Natalie Glasson

11th March 2013

My recent previous visits to Glastonbury, the Heart Chakra of the Earth and Avalon had been focused upon healing past lifetimes, first connected to Atlantis and then the second connected to the time of Jesus. I had experienced wonderful adventures with my guides of discovery and healing but still I made my journey back to Glastonbury free from expectation with a sensation of excitement and joy within my being. My journey as it has always been recently was greeted by two swans. I believe swans to be connected to the High Priestess of Avalon, while also representing a unity and eternal oneness between souls. I laughed to see the swans manifesting on my path again but still couldn’t truly grasp their message for me.

On arrival it took me some time to become accustomed to the Heart Chakra energies of Mother Earth, grounding myself into the high vibrations. Glastonbury always seems such a magical place to me, there are so many levels of Read more

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Healing My Past to Bring Light to My Present, 2013, Natalie Glasson, Mark Collin

Healing My Past to Bring Light to My Present…… 2013,

26th February 2013

Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson

Written by Natalie Glasson

As we stepped into 2013 I felt a strong guidance and pull calling me to visit Glastonbury. With dates in my mind given to me by my guides I made my journey from London down to Glastonbury. My purpose upon arriving in Glastonbury at the Shekinashram was to begin a new book and take some time to adjust to the new energy vibrations that were pouring into my being. While this remained my intention I soon realised that my guides had other plans for me as well.

On my journey down to Glastonbury I had a vision that I was sitting by the fire with others in Avalon, I was singing and had the most beautiful voice. Two figures walked into the circle and took their places to listen; it was Jesus and Mary Magdalene. To me in my vision it felt as if I knew them so well, as if they were a part of my heart. Their acknowledgement of me was breath-taking with tremendous familiarity as Master Jesus addressed me as Read more

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11-11-11 Spiritual Journey in Egypt- Natalie Glasson

Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson egyptSacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson egyptSacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson egyptSacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson egypt
11-11-11 Spiritual Journey in Egyptwith Rae Chandran and Many Beautiful SoulsSummary Written by Natalie Glasson
Before beginning our journey to Egypt I channelled Archangel Metatron for the group to assist in our preparation for our spiritual work and growth in Egypt. Archangel Metatron had asked us to achieve many things, among these were discovering a quality that we personally needed to anchor into Egypt, to ask who is guiding us on our journey and to think about what we wished to empower during the energies of 11-11-11. The flight to Egypt gave me ample time to contemplate Archangel Metatron’s words with greater depth. The quality that I had been given to anchor into Egypt was compassion, while the guides who would be working with me personally were Archangel Metatron, Archangel Maria, Isis and Thoth. We had each been asked to anchor wisdom into the Earth of Egypt, I received that,‘Beauty in the past and even in the present is focused on the material aspect, now is the time to see and understand true beauty; a spiritual beauty. To see the beauty of your soul and the souls of others, respecting this creates a high vibrational energy around you which can appear magnetic. This vibration of beauty then unites with the beauty vibration of others to create a united consciousness, reforming links between souls. Recognising the beauty of your soul in your reality and discarding all previous understandings of beauty will reform the connection that naturally exists between souls, thus resulting in tremendous unity with the Creator, an energy which has always been upon the Earth. With recognition of beauty everything shifts into place, you honour yourself, connections and alignments are formed, in truth you see a vibration of love growing, emanating and existing. Look into your soul asking to see the beauty of your soul, let it activate and everything will fall into place. Let us all focus upon true beauty rather than material beauty, all beliefs connected to material beauty must now be discarded and the soul’s beauty must be honoured. Let us see the beauty of Egypt’s soul.On the plane I was also given the image of a cow head, then a red land through which a golden snake broke through turning the land to white golden, shinning so bright, it was a message from Hathor.Our journey began on the morning of 11-11-11 in Luxor, with a group of 17 from 9 different countries.11-11-11- Hathor TempleA group gathering and intention began the day with toning and a welcome speech from Rae. I channelled Archangel Metatron who spoke about the 11-11-11 energy wave.We had been told by Archangel Metatron previously that we needed to be in the Hathor Temple in Dandera outside of Luxor. We felt that the energies of Hathor would be extremely loving and would support the transitions of 11-11-11. Upon arrival at the Hathor Temple we allowed ourselves time to investigate the temple, later gathering in a special room at the back of the temple. Rae had channelled earlier that more people would be joining our group, as we made ourselves comfortable to begin, a large group from Holland with their guide entered into the room to join us which was a big surprise for all of us. With toning to begin led by Rae, I channelled Archangel Metatron who spoke more about the 11-11-11 energies and guided us in a meditation to return to our original source, to anchor the love and 11-11-11 energies deep into our heart chakras and to surrender to the Creator. We also enhanced our unity and offered healing to the Earth. There was much energy within and surrounding the group as if we were all being supported. As our work within the temple came to a close we all felt the urge to celebrate by hugging each other, therefore symbolising the unity between each other as well as our group and the group that had joined. Many within the group were crying with joy and bliss, their hearts filled with love. It was an amazing experience, where oneness and unity was truly felt.

On the second floor of the Temple Lois channelled Thoth to share wisdom about 11-11-11 with the group.

Returning back to the hotel we had time to rest and explore the hotel which was situated next to the Nile River. A few of us gathered with Rae, who channelled for us, that we all had Egyptian names which we could discover and connect with to call back this aspect of ourselves. I discovered that one of my Egyptian names was Na-Na. When I see this aspect of myself she is dressed all in white and is extremely ethereal, with a light hood over her head. She glows with light but is also transparent. Rae also channelled that the group was a part of a mystery school which was named Om Na; this was very surprising for me.

In the evening Rae channelled from the group and for individuals within the group.

12-11-11- Valley of the Kings and Hapteshu Temple and Luxor Temple

During the morning intention with the group I channelled Master Kuthumi who spoke about cleansing the aura through a practice of rotating your right hand with the palm facing upwards, up the right side of your body and then down. The energy was brought to the heart chakra and then repeated on the left side. To bring clarity to the entire auric field and a heart connection, Master Kuthumi guided everyone to breathe through their heart chakra with their hands upon their heart on the inhalation and opening as far back as possible on the exhalation.

On arriving at the valley of the kings some members of the group felt a fear of entering the tombs of the Kings, this was due to a past life time being trapped in a tomb for ascension purposes which had not developed appropriately. With the channelled energy of Rae and I supporting the healing process this was overcome.

We had three channels in our group, Rae, Lois and I, this made our channelling sessions abundant in wisdom and guidance. At the Valley of the Kings we each shared wisdom, I was given the opportunity to channel Mary Magdalene who guided us in a meditation of awakening our true self by destroying the tomb within that confines us, with encouragement of sitting on our heart chakra seats. To bring forth a balance of masculine and feminine energy we visualised two snakes, almost making love as they intertwine to create unity. Rae then led us in the happy dance and song in celebration of our healing work within and in the Valley of the Kings. We had been conscious of anchoring light as we walked through the tombs but were grateful for the time to meditate as a group and listen to channelled guidance peacefully at the Valley of
the Kings.

It was at Hapteshu Temple that Lois felt a tremendous connection with the area, land and Hapteshu. Rae channelled Mahatma Gandhi offering interesting group and individual wisdom, he said that my abilities as a healer would develop.By night we visited Luxor Temple, this is a very impressive temple with soft and gentle energies. Rae had been given that we would be joined once more by the Holland group, so we were happy to see the same group as we met at Hathor Temple at Luxor Temple. It was most magnificent to be allowed to lead the group once more in a meditation from Archangel Metatron and words of wisdom from Master Serapes Bey. Rae channelled the Creator and Lois channelled Thoth. Many of the group who joined us were emotional and thanked us for allowing them to unite their energies with ours.

13-11-11- Luxor Museum, Karnak Temple and a Felucca Ride

An intention was set by the group led by Rae each morning with channelling of wisdom. I channelled from Archangel Metatron that we needed to continue to anchor the 11-11-11 energy wave into our beings and Egypt but not to call it by 11-11-11 but the Current Vibration so that we could remain in the present and not in the past. We also needed to focus upon silence and a heart connection as an intention for the day.

We very much enjoyed our time in Luxor Museum gazing at the artefacts and statues. Much healing was being processed within the group on an individual level. As we wandered through the museum I felt a connection with a scribe statue who told me that I had been a scribe in the past, so we had mutual respect for each other. Rae pointed out the Thutmosis statue which was an aspect of Master Kuthumi and the King Akhenaten statue which he was deeply fond of. We sat down before the statue of King Akhenaten; Rae channelled an activation with sun disks being inserted into the spine. Up until this point I had felt very drained and tired, and was struggling energetically, this may have been due to energies integrating or the stress on my body due to the channelling I had been doing. It was at this time that I was able to experience spiritual freedom, it was as if I was aware of my surroundings but at the same time had connected so deep within that there was only peace around me, not walls or people, just peace. I felt as if I could stay in this existence forever, it was the spiritual freedom that I had asked for in our group intention earlier that day. When I returned I no longer felt tired or drained and this continued for the rest of the journey. Rae also assisted, supported by the group, a group member in releasing a fear of King Akhenaten from a past lifetime which were connected to other personal fears in this lifetime.

At Karnak Temple we were guided to a room which held images of Thoth and Horus practicing an initiation. Rae asked me to channel Master Serapis Bey as he felt there was an initiation for us all to achieve. As I channelled Master Serapis Bey I could see the initiation as if it was an Egyptian picture book, larger than life. The initiation was about empowerment, unity and returning to the source of the Creator. Rae found this particularly powerful; Master Serapis bey said that the meditation was a part of his own ascension when he was becoming an ascended master. He said that it may hold greater power to some more than others but it can be practiced many times. Lois channelled Thoth also saying how every experience is different for each person and it is our own growth that is most appropriate.

The Felucca ride upon the Nile was like a dream, Rae channelled the energy of the Nile, I was overjoyed as I was able to achieve a sense of spiritual freedom again. Many felt that the Nile was wrapping her energy around us and embracing us in love deeply. I felt deeply relaxed and united with the group as we watched the sun set on the River Nile. Everyone was still processing from the earlier meditations but when we left the boat it was as if we were all shimmering with light and deeply meditative.

The evening was filled with personal channelling and sharing.

14-11-11- Travelling to Aswan, Edfu Temple and Komombo Temple

Rising early to leave for Aswan we also made time for a group gathering and intention. I wasn’t looking forward to visiting Edfu Temple which is the Horus Temple on the way to Aswan, this was because in my previous visit I had felt a lot of negativity in the temple and didn’t want to stay long. On entering Edfu Temple I felt that the energies were much better and I was able to enjoy looking around the temple. I imagine that many light workers have visited the temple and so much of its negative energy had been cleared. Rae guided us in a mediation channelled by Osiris to break ties of control and to free the energies and people of Egypt. Many people felt the energies very strongly. I had a very similar experience as in Luxor Museum; it was again that feeling of spiritual freedom.

We travel in the direction of Aswan once more stopping at Komombo Temple. Before our trip to Egypt I had channelled for Rae that there was a crystal of Archangel Metatron for him to receive in Egypt. Rae felt guided that the crystal was placed in Komombo Temple, with guidance from Archangel Metatron Rae was able to discover the crystal and connect with its energies. I then guided the group in a meditation from Isis which instructed us to hold the horns of Hathor and place the sun disk of Hathor on the top of our heads to accept Hathor energy. We then placed the horns into the ground to anchor the energy into the temple, Egypt and the Earth. Many people could feel the disk upon their crown chakra activating this chakra.

After lunch we were able to travel to our hotel upon Elephantine Island in Aswan. This was a very special place as we were in the middle of the Nile River surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. Later that evening Thoth channelled for the group through Lois speaking of our purpose in Egypt and explaining our journey.

15-11-11- Abu Simbel and Philae Temple (Isis Temple)

To travel to Abu Simbel we had to leave the hotel at 3.30am, cross the river Nile and then go to a meeting point where we would be escorted with other tourist buses through the desert for 3 hours. Despite this we were all eager to see and experience Abu Simbel. Upon arrival we were guided to the two magnificent temples with their enormous statues. The temples were devoted to Rameses II and his Queen Nefertari . We had not achieved our group intention that morning and we could feel the difference in the groups energy. On entering the queen’s temple, Rae told me that he felt there would be an activation in this area but he wasn’t sure what it would be. As I walked into the back part of the temple I saw an image on the wall, it was an image of Hathor standing each side of a person with her palm chakras at a person’s head. I instantly knew this was the initiation we had come to achieve and felt the energies ready to channel. I pointed out the image on the wall to Rae and we gathered outside with the group. I channelled Hathor, who surrounded us in swirling Hathor light rising from the ground. Hathor’s hand activated our crown chakras while ankhs (key of life) were placed in each chakra. It was an activation and connection to increase the sensitivity of our crown chakra. It was very powerful and felt like a continuation of Isis’ activation in Komombo the previous day.

We then entered into the Rameses II Temple, again I was drawn to the back of the temple where four large statues were seated, and they were magnificent and captivating. I wanted to call them wise ones, as if it was how I would have addressed them. I felt that the initiation we had experienced would have taken place before these four statues or the energies that the statues represented would have been present. I also had the impression that these Gods would have been that size and it was as if they had just sat down and time had stood still. I truly felt that they were alive and could stand up at any moment. Many of us stood before the statues and felt such peaceful energies; we just wanted to meditate but were soon moved on our way by a guard of the temple.

On the coach back to Aswan I channelled for a few in the group. We then arrived at Philae Temple also known as Isis Temple where it is said that Isis found the heart of Osiris. We travelled by boat to the temple, I had been looking forward to visiting the temple again as Isis had helped me so much personally on my last visit. I felt like something powerful would happen but Isis told me that she celebrated my returning as a new woman and that it was now time for me to call forth a new contract that would assist me in my current reality. Isis also channelled through me for the group a meditation about connecting with the Earth and elementals. We felt that we had connected to the heavens with Hathor earlier that morning and now needed to connect with the Earth.

Four members of our group were leaving the next day and so Rae had planned a presentation and gathering in the evening. A portrait picture of each person was presented with a few words that Rae and I had channelled. To receive a photo of yourself with empowering words, symbolised the growth of the person and it was also for putting on their altar so that they may honour themselves. Later there was channelling from Rae and Lois.

16-11-11- Travelling to Cairo

This was a day of relaxation, we had time to enjoy the hotel and recover from our journey so far. With all the energy work and healing we were achieving many of us felt tired. At the airport our flight was delayed slightly and so we realised we hadn’t achieved our group intention and our group didn’t feel as united as it had been. We sat in a circle to connect our energies and create an intention for the day. As we were toning internally, I could hear the masters toning with us and felt as if I was being lifted higher and higher in vibration, being allowed to bring this vibration back into my body each time it rose.

Arriving at Cairo Airport and travelling to our hotel near the pyramid, it was easy to see that many people felt unsettled by the more masculine energies of Cairo. We were even shown a more aggressive energy by the waiters in the restaurant that we ate at later in the evening. On returning to our hotel we decided that we needed to gather to link our energies and to gain some guidance. I was able to channel Archangel Metatron who gave to each of us a cocoon of light. Neal ( my father) channelled Mordaf his Elf guide who guided us in an exercise to unite our energies.

17-11-11 Cairo Museum, Citadel of Salah Al-Din and Papyrus Factory

We set a very strong and firm intention for the day of cleansing energies, anchoring love and remaining in our own energy as well as being aware of our own energy.

Our tour guide shared with us a two hour tour of the Museum and then we gathered together to achieve some healing work. We saw the many objects that had been present within the tomb of Tutankhamen. Rae was guided that Tutankhamen needed to be released and was trapped within his mummy and in the dimension that he had existed in. Rae channelled a meditation to protect the objects in the museum from misuse and send tremendous healing. He then guided us in freeing Tutankhamen’s energies so that he may continue his journey. Later in the day there were channellings of gratitude for the healing we had achieved.

The Citadel holds very devotional energies, it feels as if you can hear and sense all the prayers that have been said by each person. In the Citadel I channelled Archangel Raphael to guide us in a meditation which was focused upon love as orbs of light within our heart chakras, as one orb of light was released so another was formed. There was channelling from Rae and Lois but time was short as many girls were entering the main hall to begin prayer. The girls wore beautiful coloured clothes which felt like a celebration of light.

Later we gathered as a group, there were many channellings and meditation, also channellings from different members of our group. My Mam, Janice, channelled her higher self. Mordaf through Neal guided us in uniting our energies which made the groups energies very strong. Neal continued to guide us in this way in each intention session that we conducted.

18-11-11- Pyramids, Sphinx, Memphis and Saqqara

This was the day that we had all been waiting for, the day of the pyramids. We gathered to achieve a group intention and to prepare ourselves for our visit to the pyramids. Much of the channelling guiding us was focused upon connection with our soul and monad, our birth essence and becoming one with the many aspects and dimensions of the pyramid.

Arriving early at the pyramid, we made our way through security and into the main area. Rae was anxious for our group to be the first in the pyramid which created a panicked atmosphere, but we soon realised that we needed to affirm our connection and become aligned once more before entering into the pyramid. We recited the mantra, ‘I am the Soul, I am the Monad, I am Light Divine, I am Love, I am Will, I am the Fixed Design.’ With our energies calm once more we began to make the climb up inside the pyramid. As you enter into the Chamber of the King, visually it can be disappointing after viewing all the ornate temples as the king’s chamber is more like a box with a open tomb within it, but there is a distinct atmosphere and smell within the chamber. We gathered in our group within the chamber and began to tone. Rae had been saying all morning that King Akhenaten would channel an activation for us within the chamber. I presumed that Rae would channel this as he has a stronger connection with Akhenaten than I, so I was surprised when Rae turned to me and said, ‘You can begin now Natalie.’ Nevertheless the energies began to anchor into my being and I channelled Akhenaten, the meditation guided us in connecting with our soul, creating a Merkabah and rising up to the pinnacle point of the pyramid to become one with the pyramid. It was as if the pyramid was a battery, like a fuel that would energise our thoughts and actions. It was very powerful. Rae then channelled the Creator who mentioned that we could retrieve our soul names at this point. I was given the extended version of my soul name. Om Na Ka Ta Ma Ra. We then all spread out to do personal meditation. I sat with my back up against the tomb and could feel tremendous energy. Many people were chanting their soul names out loud. I was aware of a sun disk that I could sit on to be transported to the heavens.

We were then interrupted by a group of men coming into the chamber; their guide was very loud and aggressive and didn’t like what we were doing. He was encouraging his group to take photos which isn’t allowed. One of the members of our group pointed this out to him but he only turned the blame back onto us. We realised that the masculine energy had come in and broken up our connection and peaceful state, but it was probably time for us to move on anyway. We truly felt blessed for our experiences in the pyramid.

We then entered one of the smaller pyramids climbing downwards this time. In this chamber Rae channelled a DNA activation which was very powerful and appropriate at this time. Outside we were able to take photos and visit the panorama where you can see all pyramids together. Some people had camel rides. Our next destination was the Sphinx; it was a place that we had been looking forward to visiting as last time we only had time to take a photograph, now we had time to explore. We were a little disappointed when we couldn’t feel much energy at the Sphinx but we gathered as we felt that the Sphinx energy would ground us after our energetic morning. Rae channelled a meditation to travel into the Sphinx. We then had lunch overlooking the Sphinx.

That afternoon we travelled to Memphis to see the statue of Ramses II and Saqqara to see the step pyramid, we felt very much as if our work was done and so we just enjoyed the rest of the day, we were all also quite tired and could feel our energies transforming and integrating.

Back at the hotel we gathered to have tea, Rae channelled for the group and I channelled Cleopatra, it was the first time that I had channelled her publicly and she came to me with such tremendous energy that I felt faint and boiling hot. She channelled about mudras that she use to complete each day to aid connection with the Creator as a part of her ascension. I channelled five mudras from Cleopatra, while I was channelling Cleopatra she also told me that I would bring forth many more mudras from her.

19-11-11-Coptic Christian Church and Cairo Market

Our last day was very relaxed; we played a few energy games with the group in our intention session in the morning. I channelled Archangel Metatron who said that we needed to remember the good times, the kindness and oneness that we had experienced on our journey and to carry this with us. It was important that we realised the powerful oneness and unity that we as a group had experienced, the love that had been shared. We were told that in our group we had helped to manifest the Era of Love and that people all over the world were achieving this also and would continue, to create a complete Era of Love for humanity to experience. This is how the Era of love begins and so we had to achieve the same unity and love in our own realities.

We visited the Coptic Church where Rae guided us in anchoring healing. We also saw the Caves where Mother Mary and Jesus had been said to have hidden. We had time to get some souvenirs and to do some shopping in the Cairo Market. Later that evening we had a special ceremony to close our journey where we spoke about our experiences and what the journey had meant to us, it was a very special time and it was sad to think of life without the group. The next day we all made our way to the airport to fly home.

For me the journey was far more intense than last time, there was such a great sense of unity, support and togetherness within the group. I know that we all had wonderful group experiences but also breathtaking personal experiences and transitions of growth. We were truly guided and protected by the Creator and our guides especially Archangel Metatron who was with us every step of the way. For me returning to Egypt completed my healing process, I felt myself empowered and more confident with a greater trust in myself and abilities. Even after returning I could feel the energies shifting within me and I am aware of a stronger connection within my being with the Creator and all that I am. It was truly a blessing to be a part of this journey. I wish to thank my Mam, Janice for anchoring the groups energy throughout the entire trip and my
Dad, Neal for acting as gate keeper and protector for the group. Thank you to Rae for making the journey possible and thank you to everyone who we journeyed with.

Natalie Glasson

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Lithuanian Workshop June 2011

Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson Lithuania June 2011 Lithuanian Workshop June 2011

I was invited by Rita Ramanauskiene to visit Lithuania to facilitate a channelled workshop in the sea side resort of Palanga in June 2011. Palanga is in western Lithuania, on the shore of the Baltic Sea. I was greeted by Rita at the Kaunas Airport with a lovely bunch of flowers; we then travelled to Palanga with a bright pink and purple sunset before us and an orange full moon behind us, a white mist rose from the nature lands as the light faded. Rita hadarranged a wonderful apartment for my stay. Friday was spent familiarising myself with the area, visiting the beach and high street of Palanga. I found Palanga to be a very peaceful area.On Saturday 24 people gathered at the Alka Hotel in Palanga where I would facilitate my channelled workshop, Dissolving the Ego and Discovering the God Within with Lord Melchizedek. The presence and energy of Lord Melchizedek and the Melchizedek Disciples were felt strongly in the workshops and Lord Melchizedek channelled for the entire workshop sharing wisdom, spiritual practices and meditations. It was my first workshop abroad and so wondered whether people would accept my work and channelling but everyone enjoyed the wisdom imparted and found the workshop very beneficial. It was also unusual for me to work with an interpreter but this soon became natural. While I was channelling I kept having visions of Egyptian Pyramids when the interpreter Agne was speaking. I later found out that she had strong connections to Egypt and had visited many times. One lady said that she could see our auras, she said that my aura was blue with a golden halo and energy at my third eye while Agne’s aura was yellow. Blue is the colour of communication while yellow is the colour of mental processing or thinking.

On the Sunday, I felt more at ease and was looking forward to channelling the Love Initiation Workshop with Mother Mary and Master Jesus. Their energies were extremely loving, pure and powerful at the same time. When I began to channel Master Jesus and Mother Mary who were speaking of era of love and loving yourself unconditionally I felt a resistance in the room but this soon dissolved and Mother Mary’s love activation meditation brought many people to tears. The resistance may have been a fear of love, which many people hold, each person on the Earth wants to be loved by others and the Creator but sometimes they can fear it at the same time.

At the end of the workshop everyone was beaming with light and love and expressed their gratitude for the channelling and the experience of the workshop. We also thanked Rita for her care and effort in organising the workshop. It was an honour for me to meet many wonderful people. Thank you to Rita Ramanauskiene for organising the workshop and taking such good care of me, Agne Talmantaite for interpreting, Lilija Talmantiene for translating my written work and Sophia Van Es for joining me on this wonderful journey.

I then spent a wonderful day in Palanga exploring the area further. Rita took me to Birute Hill where legend speaks of a beautiful priestess named Birute who used to tend the ceremonial fires. Kestutis, the Grand Duke of Lithuania, heard of Birute beauty and wished to marry her, but she had promised the gods to remain a virgin as long as she lived. Kestutis overthrew Birute promise and married her against her will. Kestutis was later murdered; Birute was able to return to Palanga and continue to devote herself to God until she died. Some say she is buried in the hill which is named after her. When I visited this area it was very beautiful, surrounded in nature with the sound of the sea in the distance. I felt the energies were strong in this area, when I meditated I felt a pure white beam of light coming up from the Earth through the centre of my body. The stone I was standing on felt like jelly as if it was wobbling beneath my feet. The white light was coming from an ancient crystal which had been planted in the Earth in this area. This crystal held a large amount of wisdom which anyone can access by either visiting the area physically or in their mind. The crystal will share with you wisdom that is needed for your own personal growth. The crystal was explaining to me that nothing was solid, everything was changeable and the energies of the physical world and spiritual worlds were now merging very deeply. The crystal was sending energy into my cellular structure to change my consciousness so that I would be able to see that everything is energy even when it appears so solid, seeing beyond the physicality of the Earth. I truly felt as if my body was rocking and swaying from side to side even though I was standing perfectly still. A meditation was given also as it is now time for ancient wisdom to be appreciated and understood by humanity but it must be anchored into the Earth’s consciousness once more upon the energy vibration of the Goddess, as this will mean that the wisdom will be given and received with the energy of love and love will be the only result of the wisdom.

Meditation by Mother Mary

• Allow yourself to sit peacefully, gaining a meditative state by focusing on your breathing.

• Call upon your guides to protect and support you.

• Ask for the energy of the Creator to flow into your being through your crown chakra anchoring Goddess energy into your body, aura and chakras as well as activating the Goddess energy from within your soul. Let the Goddess light shine from your heart.

• Think of Birute Hill in Palanga, imagine you are sitting on green grass with the sound of the sea in the background. Holding the intention is all that you need.

• Send the Goddess energy down from your root chakra into the clear quartz crystal point in the Earth.

• Ask the crystal to share with you wisdom that you need to understand now for your spiritual growth, anchoring ancient wisdom deep into your being.

• Ask that the ancient wisdom flows up into your heart and that it is carried to humanity upon a wave of the Goddess light.

• Breathe deeply allowing and imagining you are expressing light and wisdom from your heart to the world.

• To finish the meditation ask your guides to ground and centre your energies own more.

Spiritual Tour to Egypt by Natalie Glasson

Spiritual Tour to Egypt by Natalie Glasson
Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson

18th -26th March 2011

I was invited by Rae and Naomi to accompany a Japanese group that they were taking to Egypt as a spiritual tour and awakening program. I thought it might be of interest to others to read about our journey. This is a summary as the magnitude and multitude of our group and personal experiences would be difficult to document.

Rae first came to me asking if I would allow Master Kuthumi to mentor him through my channel. I channelled Master Kuthumi to aid Rae’s spiritual development for three years, Rae is a magnificent channel and channels many divine beings. He had
asked if I would also channel at some point during our journey.

We came up against many challenges before our trip began such as the Egyptian uprising which began in January making it unsafe for many to travel to Egypt.Numerous times leading up to our trip we thought that it would be cancelled but holding faith and feeling that we needed to be in Egypt at this time we placed our faith and trust in the Creator.I am not very well travelled so for me to travel to Egypt alone felt like a major step, I discarded many fears before the trip which allowed me to travel with a deep seated peace within me and a strong feeling of my complete and absolute protection. I wasn’t sure if the Japanese group would make it to Egypt and so had to place myself in the Creator’s hands as I boarded my flight from the UK. The Japanese group had been able to make it to Egypt despite many setbacks.

It was my first time meeting Rae and his family even though we had spoken on the telephone many times. I felt a deep connection to them and felt immediately at home as if our group in Egypt was a family and had connected in lifetimes before.


To begin the day we placed a group intention of a high vibration and Rae channelled King Akhenaten who spoke of how we would activate the Pleiades energies, accept ourselves as masters and should anchor a blue light. Staying in Cairo we visited the Giza Pyramids in the morning of the first day. Inside the Pyramid we toned as a group and Rae channelled. I was invited to channel also, channelling the vibration of everyone’s guides I spoke of allowing the mind to be embraced by the heart to bring a deeper sense of peace, this peace could then be radiated to all of humanity using the pyramid as a tool of projection.

As a group we then entered the third pyramid, descending down into the tomb. Rae felt that this space had connections with Atlantis and held a softer energy than the previous pyramid. Master Kuthumi channelled through me that this pyramid was also a tool of projection and we should send our prayers to the Creator up through the centre of the pyramid. Many of the group were present in Atlantis and had wanted to save the fall of the Atlantean civilization but regretted that we could not, we held onto this desire to assist those from Atlantis even to this day. Master Kuthumi said that we could now let our Atlantean self come forward and speak prayers to the Creator to assist and support humanity’s growth now, dissolving any personal or
group karma that may exist between our current reality and Atlantean reality. The pyramid also acted as a golden protection which we could use at home to enhance our own wellbeing and connection with the Creator. We simply had to recognise the pyramid as a part of ourselves; we could draw the light of the Creator down through the point of the pyramid and from Mother Earth through the base of the pyramid, collecting the energy into our hearts. From this existence we could radiate the light and consciousness into our beings, into the pyramid and beyond to heal and transform the Earth into love.

Rae channelled beautifully asking us each to express our unique power sounds and describing how we could use these to maintain an inner balance and strength at all times. Rae channelled personal information to members of the group. Many had come to Egypt to remember their truth, heal and awaken
further. Much time was spent within each pyramid sending healing into the Earth. A camel ride was also experienced, a visit to Mit Rahina Museum in Memphis to see the Ramses II Colossus and the Alabaster Sphinx and to the Imhotep Museum and Saqqara. The Saqqara is the site of the Step
Pyramid which is older than the Pyramids of Giza. After dinner in the hotel garden Hans Ijzereef spoke to the group about living in the moment, accepting and appreciating ourselves while realising that we don’t have to be on the Earth but want to be on the Earth otherwise we wouldn’t be here and allowing ourselves to be happy. We create negative experiences because we are scared of being happy.


(Meditation 1) Each morning intention was given by the group to hold and experience the highest vibration of light and love throughout our journey. We visited the Citadel of Salah Al-Din where Rae channelled Allah and I channelled the Ancient Ones. The Ancient Ones said that every place holds the Creator’s energy of peace, in places of prayer the energy of peace can be extremely profound because it was created through people’s devotion to the Creator. It wasn’t created through the mind but through the heart. This energy of peace is often beyond anything ever experienced on the Earth and is held within the consciousness of walls, floors and ceilings. You can ask to activate the energy of peace, imagining the energy like crystals of peace in the walls, floors and ceilings, letting the energy shower over and through you. The crystals of peace flow into your crown chakra, falling into a cup in your heart chakra. The peace builds and over flows from your heart chakra into your entire body. Placing your hands on the floor, feel the energy of peace
pouring back into the building and the Earth, you can activate the ancient energy of peace and experience a greater oneness with peace. Your unity is experienced with the energy of peace rather than the building. This can be practiced in any place of worship or sacred vibration.

Visiting the Cairo Museum was an interesting experience for all; our intention was to anchor light as we were aware of the energy of the Egyptian Revolution still in the atmosphere. As we walked through the museum our energy vibration lowered and we came across many experiences that blocked our purpose. Rae was able to channel within the museum but no one really felt comfortable. For the first time the group began to split and go separate ways, everyone felt very confused. Afterwards we were able to look back at our experiences in the museum and see how we had been blocked and somewhat attacked by negative energies not wishing us to share our light. We were able to move through this experience and understand how energies of places we visit, good or bad, can affect our connection and ability to remain focused upon the light. The energy of the Museum offered all a valuable lesson of protection and following our intuition as many wished to leave the museum but did not as they felt loyalty to the group.

Rae led toning and channelling in Cairo airport as we waited for our flight to Luxor. A channelling was expressed that we had visited the museum to anchor light as the energy of the revolution and the energy of past kings and pharaohs who wanted to enslave or control people was still present.


The feminine energy of Luxor and the presence of the Nile River directly before our hotel revitalised and nurtured everyone.

(Meditation 2) At the Hathor Temple Rae guided the group in holding an intention and toning. Entering into a small temple dedicated to Isis, I was asked to channel. I channelled the Goddess beings who came forward to honour our energy. They placed their hands upon our feet to draw the energy of the Goddess into our beings, like a golden light flowing through us and into the Earth. A golden disc of light was anchored at each person’s feet allowing the energy to flow to their heart chakra. The light being expressed from the heart chakra was guided to flow into the person’s cupped hands. The group was guided to wash themselves with the liquid light to cleanse and purify themselves, allowing their energies to glisten. Surrendering to the Goddess energies the group anchored a large Goddess disc of light and consciousness into the Earth which assisted in the manifestation of the Goddess energy within each
person and across the Earth.

In the evening much information was shared through Rae’s channel with information and tips for the group’s spiritual development.


We understood that the energy of black magic can be present within the Valley of the Kings and so gave group intent of light, high vibrations and protection for our experiences. A member of the group and I had felt unease about our visit to the Valley of the Kings but had been given Archangel Michael’s sword and shield to support us, with a message that much light needed to be anchored. Everyone very much wished to visit the tomb of Master Kuthumi’s incarnation in Egypt, King Thutmosis III. Visiting Ramses IIII tomb we felt the energy was rough and unsettled. We then walked up to King Thutmosis III tomb and found that the whole area was closed. I was asked to channel Master Kuthumi as many people were disappointed. Master
Kuthumi explained that our energy was needed in other tombs but that a person had recently visited the area where King Thutmosis III tomb is and activated the dark magic stagnant in the stones from previous times. Those that oversee the Valley of the Kings had closed this area because they felt a negative vibration although they may not have realised this. Guided by Master Kuthumi we walked in our minds to the tomb where Master Kuthumi pointed out a symbol that we must absorb into our being and draw upon the floor to anchor the energy into the Earth. We were guided to place a golden pyramid over the area to dissolve all negativity. Master Kuthumi explained that the person who had activated the dark energy had actually assisted lightworkers as now that the stagnant energy had been released it was easier to dissolve by light. Many people saw similar symbols. Master Kuthumi said that he would guide us to the next tomb through Rae. Rae expressed a feeling to visit the Ramses III tomb, we then realised we were standing right
by it. Entering the tomb the energy was much softer and everyone felt happier. We were guided to a third tomb which was Ramses I, this was a small tomb and immediately I felt a block in my throat, Master Kuthumi came to me to say he wished to channel further for the group. Sitting down outside Master Kuthumi explained that in the Ramses I tomb there was a blockage of the throat chakra, the energy of desperation and a lack of communication with humans and the spirit world. This lack of communication was filtering from the tomb into the Earth and needed to be dissolved. Master Kuthumi placed the Goddess golden disc into each person’s throat chakra to aid all aspects of communication and connection. This was then anchored
into the tomb and filtered across the world to help humanity communicate with each other and the Creator with greater ease. The symbol found in Master Kuthumi’s tomb was place in our throat chakras and written in the sky to act as a beacon of light for all to see and absorb. The symbol also acts as a guide to draw many lightworkers to the Valley of the Kings and the area to continue to work to dissolve all negativity. A golden pyramid was anchored once more to cleanse the area.

A visit to the Al-Deir Al-Bahari Temple and a felucca ride was experienced. Rae channelled the beautiful energies of Grandmother Nile with a wonderful message with tips to develop ones spiritual advancement and work with emotions.


(Meditation 3) The group visited Karnak Temple in Luxor which is connected to Master Serapis Bey. Through Rae Master Kuthumi guided us to a small healing room in the temple where we were able to meditate. Master Serapis Bey came through me to offer an initiation for the group. Master Serapis Bey
explained that there was no going back and that we must honour the God within. He began the initiation encouraging all to honour a golden temple before them, to enter this temple and surrender to the light of the Creator. The Goddess beings were called to anchor the Goddess golden disc of light while the God beings were asked to anchor the God golden disc. These combined discs can be spun to radiate ones true self. The Ascended Masters were called to anoint and cleanse the physical body while a crystal was placed at the forehead of the person. Allowing our energies to flow into the Earth we were able to heal and cleanse the Earth also. The purpose of this initiation was to balance the God and Goddess energies within each person.

Upon rising after the initiation we noticed that on the wall an initiation was also depicted and so we knew we had been truly guided.

In a different part of the temple Rae channelled the Bee Consciousness explaining how Bees assisted and were a symbol of transporting people’s consciousness to higher vibrations. He explained that many of the Bees of the Earth had entered into a new dimension and this is why we could no longer see them and that we must follow. Rae also channelled Master Kuthumi saying that the group was the Order of the Golden Robes and we had each achieved a new level of ascension.  Personal channellings and healings were exchanged in the evening.


On this day there was a feeling that the work we had been brought to Egypt to achieve had been completed. We had anchored much light, expressed many prayers and also achieved several stages of initiations. The intent was to enjoy the remaining time we had in Egypt and to anchor more light through our footsteps. On our way to Aswan we visited the Edfu Temple or the Temple of Horus. I did not like the energy in this temple and so had to leave, many people found the energy heavy and of low vibration. Rae guided the group to tone and anchor light into the area in order to be of service to the Earth. For me I disliked the energies in the temple and wanted to leave as soon as possible, I believe that this is due to past life experiences of the energy of Horus. We later visited Kom Ombo Temple which was dedicated to the falcon god Horus and the Crocodile god Sobek. Again I felt an unsettled feeling within me upon entering Kom Ombo Temple, I was guided to anchor much healing energies within this temple also repairing past lifetime experiences while I meditated alone. In many ways I made my peace with Horus and was able to assist in the increase in the temple’s vibration. Meanwhile Rae channelled for the group as there was much concern about the Japanese people’s return to Japan and how they could be of service.

Arriving at our Hotel on Elephantine Island I took time to appreciate the Nile River, its beauty and magnificent energy. I was able to offer Personal channellings at this time.

Later Hans spoke once more to the group about unconditional love for oneself. Hans spoke of stopping all violence to ourselves, having the right to choose how we feel at all times and holding our own power.


On a boat we travelled to the Philae or Isis Temple. Rae had planned to do a channelling from Isis while I was guided to do a channelling to complete the initiations within the temple. Upon arrival the energy of the temple felt good and we enjoyed exploring both inside and out. Finding a place to begin we were distracted immediately by a temple man who said that we couldn’t continue and that he had a place for us to meditate. He showed us a small dark room inside the temple which didn’t feel right to anyone. We were then led to various places but northing felt right as our original place had been perfect, by this point we had allowed ourselves to become off balance. Eventually we found a new place which felt good but the temple man was now following us and had gathered other people, they were observing us and wanted money which made us feel uncomfortable. The Japanese group began to gather and chant in Japanese, those of us who do not speak Japanese wondered what they were doing. We were told after that they were breaking the
contact between the temple man and our group so that we could be free to make our own choices without the assistance forced upon us by the temple man. It was a highlight of the journey to see people take their own power and to solve a problem in a spiritual way rather than looking for physical answers or actions. Eventually we left feeling dishearten but we realised that we had been blocked from doing our work and should have remained focused upon what felt correct for us. We then experienced what had been originally planned in the gardens of the hotel.

This was the last day of our journey together as a group, everyone felt that they had grown and developed spiritually, learning new things about themselves. A change in everyone was evident. We all felt like a family and wouldn’t have imagined before the journey that we could find such great friendship, an inner knowing of connection with all and a great sense of being loved by the group. Everyone was thankful to Rae and Naomi for organising the trip.

For me I found that my visit to Egypt had not only boosted my confidence in my channelling ability but had also helped me discover things about myself which I had been searching for. I felt a great sense of belonging within the group and feel their love and support even to this day. I experienced great personal healing and was able to bring a closure to many experiences and cycles in my life. I met people who I had a true soul connection with and it was wonderful to finally meet Rae who had been Master Kuthumi’s student through my channel. For me this journey was life changing but it was also meant to be, as we discovered through Rae’s channelling that the people who Rae had brought with him from Japan were my students during Atlantis and I had contracted to return at this time to them to guide them to the next stage of their ascension.

I wish to thank all who I travelled with in Egypt for their friendship, love and support and for making the journey so beautiful. It truly was a spiritual journey of awakening for all.

Natalie Glasson 01/04/11

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