France August 2013: Seeking Mary Magdalene

Written by Natalie Glasson

Mount Saint Michel- Normandy

The presence, energy and consciousness of Mary Magdalene is constantly increasing upon the Earth at this time as the divine feminine awaken within us all. Over the past few months I have felt a deepening connection with Mary Magdalene as she allowed me to understand her energy and purpose in this stage of our ascension. In the past my connection was always with Mother Mary as I experienced her energy as a deep familiarity within my being, but Mary Magdalene’s strength, wise consciousness and connection to Master Jesus was intriguing. In the back of my mind the idea of visiting France in order to connect with and explore Mary Magdalene’s presence more fully had been present for a while but I was very pleased to be given and manifest the opportunity to visit the land, experiencing its old and new energies for myself.

Natalie Glasson Channel OmNa Wisdom of the Light Mont St-Michel FranceWith excitement, my boyfriend Nick and I crossed from Dover to Calais driving down into the west side of the country to our first destination, Mont Saint-Michel. In the past I had heard many people speak of Mont Saint-Michel as a place of spiritual pilgrimage but I was unsure of the reason for this. I did a small amount of research before leaving home and found that the frequency of the Mount was of integration, merging the divine feminine and masculine vibrations as one. The Mount also sits upon a crossing of ley lines that run through Europe. One connects from Skellig Michael in Ireland through Saint Michael’s Mount in Cornwall, Mont Saint-Michel in France, Monte Gargano in Italy and extending to Mount Carmel in Israel. A Dragon energy and other ley lines are also clearly present.

We gazed at the Mount in the distance as we wound our way on the roads closer to our destination. Mont Saint-Michel is even more impressive upon arrival but we made our way straight up to the Abbey Church. Walking through the entrance to the central building we were immediately hit by high vibrational light which powerfully streamed through our bodies, it was like walking into an ashram on the inner planes, the vibration almost felt crystalline but had immense power, clarity and purification. Walking into the church we enjoyed the energies and sat down to ask Archangel Michael for guidance. His presence was very strong within the energy vibration and fabric of the Mount.

With Archangel Michael’s guidance I surrendered into the light and found myself suspended in the air, my arms out as if in the shape of a cross, the Angels and Archangels, including Archangel Michael were beneath me sending energy deep into my being while signifying their eternal support. After the process we gathered ourselves, buzzing with energy we continue to observe the church, instantly I came upon a statue which depicted Master Jesus upon the cross with all the Angels and Archangel Michael beneath him. I instantly felt that this depicted an initiation which was likened to something energetic that I had just experienced.

Walking through the connecting buildings Nick felt a strong resonance with the Mount as if he knew and remembered all the pathways and corridors well. While he felt he had been present upon the Mount as a monk, I didn’t feel a familiarity with the mount but I was in awe of the profound energy and vibrations of light being transmitted. We came across a Mary Magdalene Chapel which insistently gave us a rest from the vibrations, connecting us to our heart chakras with the experience of deep love. We also discovered a Black Madonna in the Crypt, where the energies of the portal where more grounded and easier to connect into. I had not imagined the strength of light that I would experience at the Mount so it was truly breath-taking. Nick and I had previously charged some crystals with our love and so we found a special place to leave a crystal to support the light and love that was present. We continued to distribute crystals throughout our journey.

Paimpont Forest and Merlin’s Tomb- Brittany

On our second day we visited Paimpont Forest in search of Merlin’s Tomb and the Fountain of Youth. The countryside was very beautiful and tranquil but Paimpont proved to be very popular with visitors. We recognised our energies to be quite low and grumpy which should have alerted me that something wasn’t quite right.  The Fountain of Youth seemed lacking in energy and life force vibrations, while I felt a feeling of distress at Merlin’s Tomb.  I instantly asked Merlin if he was at the Tomb and he said that he was not, so I decided to sit down and discover the purpose of the place.

Natalie Glasson Channel OmNa Wisdom of the Light Merlin Tomb France

Merlin shared with me that the tomb was a portal for fairies to shift dimensions and travel through the energetic levels of the Creator’s universe. He described the distress of the fairies as the portal was blocked and out of balance, also how nature and the elementals were suffering due to this blockage. I have a strong connection with the fairies and so almost felt that it was an emergency and some support needed to be given. Nick guided us in a meditation to cleanse the portal; I was able to view the entire process and so silently saw the shifts before and as Nick guided them.  Light was sent into the portal, allowing it to spiral outwards, as darker energies were removed from the centre of the portal allowing the light to spiral downwards, which simultaneously encouraged its upward ascent. The spirally light changed direction automatically to expand allowing many fairies to come flying through the portal with a great sense of happiness and joy. Nick then connected the portal with all other aspects of nature and the elementals. We experienced the energies all around us raise and shift to a greater sense of balance.

Carnac Stones, Megalithic Site- Brittany

Natalie Glasson OmNa Wisdom of the Light, Channel, France, Carnac Mary MagdaleneOur guidance carried us to the megalithic stones of Carnac consisting of more than 3000 prehistoric stones. We were first guided to the Manio Quadrilateral Alignment which consists of a rectangle of short stones and a single giant stone. Drawn to the giant stone, I placed my hands upon it while Nick walked in a circle around the stone. I felt he was activating the stone and could feel the column of light within the stone growing, allowing me to energetically step into the centre of the stone. There was a sensation of being able to travel wherever one wished to with intention through connection with the stone. With the activation of the stone by Nick, I was able to bring forth new light for the current age of ascension through the stone and into the Earth, but also for the stone to magnify. We truly felt that this was why we had been guided to Carnac to work with this beautiful stone, we were also being given the message that one of our purposes was to anchor the new light of the new age into the land to aid and continue the transitions that had occurred at the end of 2012.

We were unable to touch or walk through the many lines of stones on the large sight due to preservation work which was disappointing at the time but allowed us to focus upon what was guided for us to achieve.  As you drive alongside the stone lines it seems as if the lines go on forever, so large is this site.

Lourdes- Midi-Pyrénées

Natalie Glasson Channel OmNa Wisdom of the Light Lourdes FranceIn my guide book Lourdes was described as Les Vegas for the Catholics which created an uneasy feeling within me, up until then my experience of France had been pretty and sleepy villages, so entering into Lourdes really did feel like we had stepped into Les Vegas in contrast. We quickly drove through Lourdes and found a sheep farm campsite to set up camp in the mountains.

Returning to Lourdes in the evening, Nick’s first reaction was to find a church as a place of sanctuary, I recognised that the energies didn’t feel comfortable but felt strong and connected to the light. With Nick not feeling comfortable in the energies of the place, I was guided to work with him energetically, bringing light into both of our beings and creating a pure white diamond shaped capsule of light around us individually and together. We were both surprised how instantly we felt better, at ease and happy.

Walking through the main high street, it is cluttered with tourist memorabilia but at the end of the road crossing the river you come to the majestic Basilica.

Natalie Glasson Channel OmNa Wisdom of the Light Lourdes FranceCrowds of people were gathering for the evening candle light procession and outdoor service. With so much to see, we purchased our candles slowly making our way to the grotto where Bernadette had visions of Mother Mary. Touching the walls of the cave I felt tremendous sorrow, of all the people wishing to be healed, I felt almost bolts of light extending from my hands into the walls to bring new light and the vibration of love. Nick truly felt the blessings of Mother Mary being showered upon us.

As we moved through the crowd we both experienced deep and profound feelings of love. Although the Catholic Church is something I know little about I felt a loving connection with the people, their devotion and with Mother Mary, there was a deep sense of oneness.

Renne le Chateaux-Languedoc-Roussillon

Renne le Chateaux and the surrounding regions was the place that we most wished to visit but as we made our way, Nick asked me where we should visit. This bought up a feeling of disappointment within me as I realised I didn’t exactly know where we needed to be or even what was really in the area. The area felt so special and yet I felt completely unprepared to visit it.

Natalie Glasson Channel OmNa Wisdom of the Light Bugarach FranceA friend had recommended a campsite which was connected to a spiritual retreat centre in the area of the Bugarach Mountain, it looked beautiful but I was put off by the cold showers.  Our internet connection was down and so we became lost, trying to find a place to stay in the area, stumbling upon a campsite we set up only to realise later that it was the campsite my friend had recommended, translated into English, ‘the Valley of God’. We felt very blessed to find such a divine setting to spend a few nights, we were surrounded by a beautiful and sacred woodland with a view of Mont Bugarach and the foundations of an 11th century chapel that once stood but now was predominantly marked by a beautiful large oak tree. The woods became a place where we could meditate, working on our connection with the goddess vibration and our kundalini energy.

Walking up to Renne le Chateaux we first visited the church which was smaller than I expected but abundant in colourful statues of saints and holy beings. We sat down and I instantly felt the presence of Mary Magdalene with us, I asked her to clarify the energies of Renne le Chateaux and to share anything that she wished us to achieve at the church. Mary Magdalene downloaded a lot of information into my mind but I wasn’t able to channel it until we left the church and found a quite spot in the small garden area.

Listen to the Channelling from Mary Magdalene at Renne le Chateaux through Natalie Glasson MaryMagdaleneRenneLeChateauFrance13 Natalie Glasson

We went back into the church to connect with her energies and the vibrations she had left behind. As Mary Magdalene had guided us we seeped into her grief, like an initiation, there was an awareness of experiencing and moving through the grief rather than embodying or attaching to the energies of sorrow. As we connected a large group of people entered the church, when they sat down they almost filled every seat. I became frustrated by the people interrupting our peaceful time in the church. As I opened my eyes I realised that the people were here for a reason, it felt like a family gathering to support us and benefit from the codes and vibrations we were accessing. I realised that we were not only accessing the energy Mary Magdalene had grounded for ourselves but for the many people that visit the church. A lady in the group began to sing, I became overwhelmed with gratitude as it felt like a confirmation of our work and an honouring of Mary Magdalene. As we were accessing the energies Mary Magdalene had anchored it felts like a fire emerging from the ground representing the kundalini energy. The fire took over Nick’s body, flowing up his spine, lighting up his body and creating wings of fire. To us it felt that Mary Magdalene had anchored the codes in the Earth’s and her kundalini energy. Into my vision Mary Magdalene’s symbol of white dove wings spread with a large rose flower resting upon its back rose up into the air, completing the process. In a daze we left the church and wondered around the other parts of Renne le Chateaux but our experience had ungrounded us and we needed to process all that had occurred.

Mary Magdalene Rennes Les Bains France13  Natalie Glasson OmNa ChannelConnecting into nature and the pure crystal like vibration of the area we had lunch by the river and later visited Rennes les Bain thermal springs. The nature in this area is so divine and alive with spiritual vibrations, it feels very fresh, nurturing and loving.

Mary Magdalene Seat of Isis France13 Natalie Glasson OmNa ChannelWe later visited the seat of Isis which is a short walk up into the woodland in Renne les Bain. A massive boulder shaped as a seat with a red spring very much like the waters of the Chalice Well, Glastonbury. Taking a sip of the water we then sat on the seat and connected into the energies. Isis and Hathor immediately gathered before me, they took some time to share with me some of my purposes in this lifetime, making me aware of certain circumstances that will come to pass in my personal and spiritual life. In a stern voice she also questioned why I had not bought with me my crystal singing bowl, my fear of breaking it was not a good enough reason nor answer! Isis also gave me the Lion Heart or bravery of Sekhmet, the Sound of Hathor and the Keys of Clarity and Truth of Isis as vibrational gifts to empower my being. As Nick sat on the seat I saw a beam of white light flowing from the universe into his third eye and many white light elders gathering around him.

That night there was the biggest and loudest thunder, lightning and rain storm I had ever experienced, but it felt so appropriate after the activation we had achieved at the church in Renne le Chateaux, as if everything was being put into alignment and balance once more.

Mount Bugarach- Languedoc-Roussillon

On viewing Mont Bugarach it felt like a high vibrational and powerful place so we decided to go and investigate. We began to walk through a wooded area with the purpose of reaching the mountain. The woodland was home to numerous caves which were used for initiations in the past but also looked like homes or places of storage. I was feeling quite tender after the day before and felt more like relaxing and processing all that had occurred but we continue with our intention of experiencing Mount Bugarach. Almost instantly I felt many flies gathering around me, swatting them away at first I didn’t take any notice until they became aggressive, flying into my ears, nostrils and even down my top. I felt like I was being attacked and there was no rest from them.  With a helpless and panicked feeling I broke down and cried trying to escape the flies. Nick asked if I wanted to turn back, he was not being attacked by the flies at all, but I had this feeling to continue even though I would have done anything to escape. My panicked and fearful feelings were building, but I noticed a white butterfly which seemed to indicate the pathway we needed to take. As we walked Nick noticed a clearing in the woods, there was Tibetan prayer flags hung and the place was set up around a larger tree as if for gatherings and ceremonies. Entering into this space I immediately felt more at peace, the flies began to disperse and I was able to rest and settle my emotions once more. Nick later shared with me that he had been asking the Lord of the Flies to remove the flies and stop their attack upon me.

Mary Magdalene Bugarach France13 Natalie Glasson OmNa ChannelIn a calmer state of mind we continued up through the woods, but I had at least two more outburst of panicked crying, I felt unsafe and alone in the woodland. As we reached a clearing I confided that I couldn’t take it any longer and wanted to turn back, as we began to work back down everything seemed easier, the flies dispersed completely and I felt the panicked and fearful feelings subsided. I later channelled that I had walked into the forest in a past lifetime as an initiation in the dark and had been attacked by negative energies, unable to hold my power. This time on my return I was releasing the fear and able to complete the process with Nick as a support and protector.

After my experience I felt completely drained of energy but we visited the Fountain of Love which is almost like a beautiful natural swimming pool, I just sat and rested near the sacred waters and felt my energies returning and a healing taking place. Later I channelled Archangel Michel who further guided us about our experiences.

Natalie Glasson Channel OmNa Wisdom of the Light Fountain of Love France MagdaleneThe following day we returned to the Fountain of Love to share healing energies with the Goddess vibrations as guided by Archangel Michael. I was given the Love Fire of the Goddess by Mary Magdalene to warm and activate my body and as a healing to share with others or the land. We also visited the Magdalene Spring which again resembled a likeness to the Chalice Well Water of Glastonbury. I offered a prayer of thanks to Mary Magdalene for guiding us this far in our journey as Nick focused upon sending healing into the land and area. At the spring there was a beautiful drawing upon the stone which resembled Isis and the eye of Horus. The entire area for us had been emanating the divine mother and feminine vibrations. We were sad to leave the area and to move on to our next destination but we felt filled with love and high vibrations, nurtured for our time in nature and the sacred spots.

We travelled down to Spain to enjoy the beaches and some time for relaxation and swimming.  In contrast the areas we visited had a strong masculine vibe which at times was over powering.

Vazeley- Burgandy

Natalie Glasson Channel OmNa Wisdom of the Light  Vazeley France MagdaleneBefore leaving for France I had received a post card from a friend who was visiting Vazeley, depicting a statue of Mother Mary. With a bit of research I found that there was a church in Vazeley devoted to Mary Magdalene, it felt like the perfect place to finish our journey before heading home. Mary Magdalene had been a strong guidance in our journey and a personal mentor to the both of us so it seemed a fitting place to pay respect to her.

The Basilica was extremely beautiful and majestic, as we wondered through I felt drawn to a passage leading below the church, I was amazed to find what was named as the relic (bone) of Mary Magdalene. I was overwhelmed with how beautifully we were being guided. The energies within the chamber were extremely powerful, sitting with our backs facing the relic I experienced a powerful beam of light extending from the bone into the back of my third eye chakra merging and activating my entire being. I experienced an upgrade of consciousness within the bones of my physical body.

Natalie Glasson Channel OmNa Wisdom of the Light Vazeley FranceUpon asking Mary Magdalene if the bone was truly from her physical body when she existed upon the Earth she replied that it didn’t matter either way because since the naming of the relic she has downloaded such high vibrational energy and her own consciousness into the bone.  People could now visit connecting with her energies and experiencing upgrades of their own skeletal systems to aid their ascension. It had also become a place of communing with her energies.  This signified that in the present moment her consciousness was truly present within the bone.

The energies were extremely powerful and strong within the chamber, this influenced Nick by making him feel sleepy. We decided to continue to explore the other areas of the Basilica and return to the chamber. This allowed Nick to become accustomed to the energies therefore being able to access the energies with greater depth receiving the gifts that were needed to fulfil his journey.

Leaving the Vazeley we experienced a deep sense of completion and achievement, we had allowed ourselves to be guided constantly throughout our journey so that we could be of service to our own spiritual growth and that of humanity. We had created a beautiful spiritual bubble which we were existing in together of high consciousness, vibration and awareness. We had not known the reason for our journey at the beginning but felt we had been guided so beautifully to experience so many things outside and within our beings. It felt daunting to go back to reality as we felt such changes had occurred within. It was the most beautiful experience and to connect with such high vibrational places in France was a great joy. We both very much wish to return to the sacred spaces to experience their energies once more.

Thank you Mary Magdalene for a beautiful journey!

Written by Natalie Glasson

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