Glastonbury April 2013

Glastonbury April 2013

Mary Magdalene’s Holy Grail Awakening Workshop and Master Jesus Enhanced Christ Connection and Mastery Workshop at the Chalice Well Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Over 30 beautiful souls gathered in Glastonbury to attend the Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus workshops which I was channelling in the Chalice Well Meeting Rooms. This truly felt to me like a gathering of family members in order to support each other, emanate our light, connect and of course bathe in the sacred light and vibrations of Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus.

Mary Magdalene came forward with such power and presence to the group sharing her own understanding of the Holy Grail and some memories of her time with Master Jesus. She supported the group in awakening the Holy Grail vibrations within their being, demonstrating and enhancing a greater realisation of the Christ and Holy Grail within.

Our workshop group was also blessed with an anonymous bouquet of flowers arriving as a gift for the workshop. This was a wonderful blessing.

After Mary Magdalene’s channelling some of us from the workshop group gathered at the base of the Tor with the intention of observing and being present with the sunset at the top of the Tor. We had been blessed with a beautiful sunny day and the night before we had witnessed the most stunning sunset with a deep red sun accompanied with the flight of starlings across the sky. As we gathered at the top of the Tor we began to chant and sing sacred mantras and affirmations as we observed the setting sun. This was a most wonderful experience with a deep feeling of being blessed and the experience of oneness. Within Mary Magdalene’s workshop she had guided us to do some healing work with the Tor, transmitting the energy of the Holy Grail into and from the Tor across the world. It felt good to be physically standing on the Tor as we still held the vibrations of the Holy Grail pulsating throughout our beings and so were affirming and grounding the work we had been guided to achieve.

On Sunday Master Jesus came forward with such gentleness and tenderness, he explained that Mary Magdalene, the previous day, had been demonstrating her masculine vibration and that he was demonstrating his feminine qualities in order to bring harmony to the masculine and feminine energies of each person as well as humanity in general. He supported the group in discovering a deeper connection with the Christ consciousness, his own energy and soul as well as offering many techniques and focuses to aid mastery. Master Jesus gentle wisdom and reminders was very beautiful to channel throughout the day.

I had been guided to channel these workshops in Glastonbury because of the presence of the heart chakra of Mother Earth and the Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus connection to Glastonbury / Avalon. It felt so deeply guided to bring forward and channel their energies allowing and assisting for a deeper activation of their energies within those present but also within the land of Avalon and the heart of Mother Earth. Much love was channelled into the Heart Chakra of the Earth during our visit from Mary Magdalene, Master Jesus and all present at the workshops. Glastonbury is becoming a beautiful energetic sacred space that allows for much heart healing and the ability to see beyond illusions.

I will be returning to Glastonbury in the Chalice Well for another weekend of workshops on the 12th and 13th October 2013. Information and booking will be available at

If you were unable to attend Mary Magdalene and Master Jesus workshop you can download the live audio

Written by Natalie Glasson