Healing My Past to Bring Light to My Present, 2013, Natalie Glasson, Mark Collin

Healing My Past to Bring Light to My Present…… 2013,

26th February 2013

Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson

Written by Natalie Glasson

As we stepped into 2013 I felt a strong guidance and pull calling me to visit Glastonbury. With dates in my mind given to me by my guides I made my journey from London down to Glastonbury. My purpose upon arriving in Glastonbury at the Shekinashram was to begin a new book and take some time to adjust to the new energy vibrations that were pouring into my being. While this remained my intention I soon realised that my guides had other plans for me as well.

On my journey down to Glastonbury I had a vision that I was sitting by the fire with others in Avalon, I was singing and had the most beautiful voice. Two figures walked into the circle and took their places to listen; it was Jesus and Mary Magdalene. To me in my vision it felt as if I knew them so well, as if they were a part of my heart. Their acknowledgement of me was breath-taking with tremendous familiarity as Master Jesus addressed me as Maryham.

Mark Collin Healing Reiki Natalie Glasson OmNaOn my first day I met Mark Collin, www.healingreiki.co.uk  a Reiki Master and Pranic Healer based in London, after some discussion we decided that it might be beneficial to  share our skills in order to aid each other’s spiritual awakening. Mark is also a channel and having a healing session with him was a very powerful process for me. I am not normally open to receiving healing from those I do not know but felt guided to experience Mark’s healing. Mark uses channelled sacred geometric patterns, codes and differing light rays to fine tune the chakra system and the aura while channelling the energy vibration that the person’s guides wish to anchor. The energy vibrations flowing through Mark to me were of a high vibration and extremely fine with a powerful Christ presence, this seem to activate my sacral chakra which began to feel uncomfortable, making extremely loud noises which made us laugh. To me it felt like a big shift occurring in my sacral chakra which continued even after the healing session. Through the session with Mark I felt a deeper sense of my divine self and the need to connect with my soul and the Creator more fully.

That evening Mother Mary came to me placing a pure pink rose petal in my palms and crown allowing pure pink light to flow into me, creating a womb of light in my stomach area from which a golden light emerged. Mother Mary shared that this was my power and a way for me to nurture and nourish myself.

The next morning I woke up feeling very battered and bruised, joining the silent meditation at the ashram, Krishna came to me asking me to give all my suffering to him, then Radha presented herself, she was so beautiful, putting her cheeks against my palms she melted my heart with her feminine radiance. After breakfast I retreated to my room still feeling battered and bruised. I was asking my guides why I felt this way and what was happening. I was given the insight that during my healing session with Mark, he had energetically removed the residue energy of a dead baby from my stomach. I was told that I had travelled to Avalon in the time of Jesus with Jesus and the community. I was one of many ladies who were conceiving light babies at that time, a baby formed through the connection of two physical people but more importantly during intercourse the soon to be parents anchored powerful light vibrations, codes and wisdom which became the foundation for the new life, therefore allowing the soul to enter into its physical body and reality as the purest light being it wished to be, assisting in bonding the Earth and heaven as one. The babies were to be a new generation to carry the Christ light and teachings shared through Jesus. During this time Maryham’s partner, Jonah, had to travel making pilgrimage to sacred places as guided by Jesus, leaving Maryham alone within the community. One day she ventured outside of the community and was attacked by those opposing the teachings of Jesus, during that attack she lost her baby.

With this realisation I felt the shame of Maryham. Jesus came to me asking me to lie down so he may heal me to release the pain of Maryham still within my present day consciousness and being. After the healing with Jesus I was told that Maryham had always wanted the baby to be buried on the Tor where it had been conceived in order to give the energy back to the heart of the Earth.  I felt Jesus walking beside me as I made my way up the Tor to the top where I sent the energy from my womb area back into the Tor and the Heart Chakra of the Earth as it had been absorbed by Maryham and Jonah during their sacred ritual of conceiving their light baby. Jesus shared that one of the purposes of my current lifetime is to bring completion to all that I have experienced in my past lifetimes. He also shared that like Mother Mary and Maryham I would again conceive a child of the Christ light holding the teachings and consciousness of Jesus to support the love vibration of the world and that this will begin to occur for many of the disciples of Jesus now incarnate on the Earth. I also felt the Holy Grail energy activating within me and radiating from my being, this continued throughout my stay in Glastonbury.

It is interesting that my connection with Mark also felt like a Christ and Jesus connection as if we had been with Jesus in Avalon at the same time and so shared similar memories. I feel very strongly that my healing session with Mark was the beginning and an activation of a beautiful past life healing that took place while I was in Glastonbury. His healing energy allowed for a powerful shift within me of stagnant energy to be stirred, acknowledged and removed in order to bring healing to me as Natalie and as Maryham.  I felt very much supported and loved by the energies Mark channelled as healing and awakening for my being.

Later in February I felt guided to experience another healing with Mark in London. This time the healing was focused upon my heart chakra. As Mark began to channel the healing energies I felt I was dressed in a blue robe, from my heart blue flames of light emerged creating a halo above my head, this to me was a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment awakening from my heart chakra. Mark then placed his hands gently upon my head; I instantly felt my entire body crumble to dust as my light body remained, glowing brightly. I felt encouraged to go deeper into my soul light, melting into the white light of my soul and soul group the Celestial White Beings, from my heart rainbows of light emerged swirling brightly from my essence. I felt a greater sense of self connection and embodiment.

Mark afterwards shared the same experience of feeling my body crumble away and experiencing the light of my being. He shared the same vision of the rainbow energy emerging from my being which offered confirmation to us of the healing that had taken place. Mark then shared a very powerful message of how I was required to embody more and more my truth and the power that I am. I certainly felt a greater lightness and connection within after the session.

As a channel I am always aware as to the energies I receive and only have healing sessions with those who I feel guided to or know personally. I also do not read spiritual books, channellings or articles unless it is intensely guided for me to do so as I do not wish to influence my channel or channelling ability in anyway. It is because of this that I was surprised when Mark walked into my life and I felt guided to experience his healing ability but I am truly glad that I was able to experience his healing.

Mark is a very pure and open hearted healer, with a beautiful connection with the Christ consciousness and light beings. He has a generous devotion to assisting and supporting those that cross his path and require healing support. If you feel guided to connect with Mark or to experience his healing yourself then you may wish to check out Mark’s details. He can often be found in Glastonbury and London.

Written by: Natalie Glasson www.omna.org


Mark Collin Healing Reiki Natalie Glasson OmNa

Mark Collin- www.healingreiki.co.uk

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