Israel Sacred Journey of June 2013

Israel Sacred Journey of June 2013

There were eleven of us in total that journeyed to Israel in early June 2013. Our sacred journey through Israel allowed us to connect with so many vibrations and energies from the past and present. For each person, including myself the purpose and experience of the journey was different and deeply personal. For some it was a healing process, others an awakening process, some gain confirmation while we all assisted in the anchoring of divine vibrations into the land in order to aid healing within the heart of the land and people. We visited so many beautiful and sacred sites, spending time in Jerusalem where the presence of Master Jesus and Mother Mary were strongly guiding us and reminding us of our past and present truth. At the Dead Sea we were able to relax and unwind our physical bodies, while we connected with Star Beings staying one night in the desert. We travelled to Tiberias and the Sea of Galilee for further exploration.

Mother Mary encouraged us to merge with our past connection with Master Jesus and that lifetime exchanging only positive loving energies with this life time to achieve advanced awakening for both self aspects. It was on the Mount of Beatitudes that the energies for our journey climaxed as I channelled Mary Magdalene who brought forward the Magdalene Sisters to anchor their Holy Grail consciousness and divine feminine codes, such a beautiful place to receive such a divine blessing.

I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I have posted, in many ways there is too much to share and also a feeling of not needing to share the deeper aspects of growth and transformation that occurred within each person, including myself.

I would like to thank Rae Chandran for organising our sacred trip to Israel and I would like to thank all who attended, it was beautiful to connect with you.

Written by: Natalie Glasson