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Natalie Glasson Crystal Singing BowlsOmNa School www.omna.orgI wanted to share with you all what I call my new ‘Crystal Singing Bowl Family,’ which comprises of three beautiful Crystal Singing Bowls each with a specific purpose, vibration and sound. They work beautifully and harmoniously together and sound magnificent. Two of my Crystal Singing Bowls I have had for a year, if you have attended one of my workshops you may have already met these two Bowls but lately I have a new Crystal Singing Bowl so I think that makes a family! If you are attending any of my future workshops you will be able to experience my Crystal Singing Bowl Family for yourself. I wanted to share some pictures of my Crystal Singing Bowls with you; I actually took my Bowls on holiday with me when visiting the sea side this summer and was presented with a wonderful quiet beach to play my Bowls. I enjoy playing my Crystal Singing Bowls wherever I can; we are becoming very much acquainted.Natalie Glasson Crystal Singing BowlsOmNa School

Natalie  Glasson's Crystal Singing Bowl Family, Emerald Heart and Grail, Divine Celestial Feminine, Celestial Heart

The Crystalline vibration is so powerful now, our entire body is altering to exist and vibrate as the Crystalline vibrations. We are already composed of Crystal and this is intensifying especially energetically in order to magnify the beauty of the Creator we are experiencing within and around us in this period of Ascension. The sound of the Crystal Singing Bowls alters the vibration that your cells oscillate at; this coupled with a focused intention is a powerful healing and tool for manifestation. The Crystalline energies and beings are so important in our realities now and can bring forth such great healing and inspiration.

I was attracted to the Crystal Singing Bowls because I have powerful and strong memories from Atlantis of existing in my own temple as a High Priestess on the Northern side of Atlantis with many Crystal Singing Bowls which I played often to heal myself and others and to maintain the high vibration of the temple and the Celestial White Beings who anchored into the temple. I feel the Crystal spirits are returning to me now and soon as I accept my power I will expand my Crystal Singing Bowl Family, sharing their vibrations with many once more.

Natalie Glasson Crystal Singing BowlsOmNa School www.omna.orgMy first Crystal Singing Bowl is entitled a Divine Feminine Crystal Singing Bowl. It is a Platinum Bowl stimulating the Divine Feminine, relieving stress and depression and aligning the intuitive emotional body. It is a super harmoniser and balancer. It has a calming, steadying, grounding effect for perfect attunement resonance. I feel the Bowl holds the Celestial Goddess Vibrations and is connected to the Celestial White Beings, my soul group. The sound of the Bowl resonates with the crown chakra which supports in opening the crown chakra to the divine. I affectionately call this Bowl ‘Little Bowl’ because it is so small compared to the others but very powerful.


My second Crystal Singing Bowl is entitled Ultra-light Frosted Quartz Crystal Bowl. It is a

Natalie  Glasson's Crystal Singing Bowl Family, Emerald Heart and Grail, Divine Celestial Feminine, Celestial Heart

quartz Crystal Bowl of Crystalline Sound, resonating with pure white light. It plays a subtle tone that gently massages blocks up to the surface. The sound is connected to the Celestial and Angelic levels, with the feeling of being embraced by Angelic wings. The Bowl is connected to the heart chakra and shares deep celestial love. After only having this Bowl for two months it broke through an accident that was obviously meant to be. The Bowl broke into many pieces but lucky it was able to be mended which is called being reborn. The Bowl still has scars from when it was broken but is now more magnificent and powerful than ever, its vibration seems to have heightened. Due to the Bowl breaking and being a heart chakra vibration I affectionately call this Bowl ‘Broken Heart.’ It seems a sad name I know but I suppose I identify with the Bowl, I have had my heart broken several times and the Bowl inspires me to know that a broken heart does heal and is stronger and more magnificent than before. The Bowl has been through a rebirth journey which is the same as all of our hearts, I feel the Bowl connects with the parts of our hearts that fears or hold scars from love and gently heals them.

My third Crystal Singing Bowl is entitled an Emerald Bowl. The Emerald Bowl blends heart

Natalie  Glasson's Crystal Singing Bowl Family, Emerald Heart and Grail, Divine Celestial Feminine, Celestial Heart

and grail energies through the heart chakra from Divine realms of loving intention and wholeness. The Emerald Bowl is a tonal waterfall of flowing heart healing, helping alignment with heart wisdom, encouraging Higher Self purpose – centeredness, emotional balance, courageous, compassionate living from one’s Life Core. It is power-packed with love, helping the physical heart and emotional body release imbalances, challenges and feelings of unworthiness. When I connected with the Emerald Bowl I was playing Broken Heart and I felt the Bowls pull together so I knew that the Emerald Bowl was to work with me. The Emerald Bowl actually taught me to play the other two Bowls and encouraged me to understand their importance in my reality. The Emerald Bowl has an Emerald being which is present when playing the Bowl. You can give an intention to the Emerald being and it will not only support your manifestation of the intention but offer guidance on how you can manifest your intention. The Emerald Bowl is still new to me so I am still learning to work with it but I am very much looking forward to working with the Emerald Bowl in Glastonbury on my Workshop ‘The Rising of the Heart Chakra with Mary Magdalene,’ in October 11th and 12th 2014 at the Chalice Well because the Bowl holds Grail Energies and is so connected to the Heart chakra.

I hope you will join me at one of my workshops to experience these magnificent Bowls.

Many Blessings, Natalie x

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