Northern Ireland Channelled Ascended Master Workshop

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Truth Awakening & Recoding for 2013 & Beyond

With the Ascended Master Brothers and Sisters of Light

After meeting Ciaran in one of my London Workshops, he invited me to Northern Ireland to facilitate a channelled workshop in late May 2013. I was greatly looking forward to visiting Ireland again as on my last visits I found the people very warm and loving. I was guided to bring forward a workshop of two days entitled,’ Truth Awakening and Recoding for 2013 and beyond.’ My guides told me that male vibrational Ascended Masters would channel on the first day and Ascended Masters of a female vibration would channel on the second day. They shared that the workshop would be a spiritual energetic ride of a lifetime with numerous activation and meditations. During the workshop it also became apparent that there was a greater purpose for our gathering, which was to activate a portal so that the masculine pure vibrations of the Creator could flow into the Earth and our beings, while on the second day opening a portal to emanate the feminine vibrations of the Creator. It was said that the feminine vibrations of the Creator held the energy of creation and the masculine vibrations held the purpose of manifestation.

A group of around 25 people gathered at the workshop, I was surprised to be told that many of the people who were attending hadn’t seen a channel or read any channelled information before, nor did they really understand anything about channelling or the Ascended Masters. I must say that this was very unusual for me and my workshops but I had complete faith in the Ascended Masters as they were orchestrating everything for a multiple divine purpose. There was an air of the unknown as we all gathered together to start the workshop but Ciaran filled the room and each person with immense love, support and a beautiful feeling of safety. Many of the people attending had come on Ciaran’s recommendations. Ciaran specialise in Tai Chi, Qi Gung, Mindfulness Meditation, Hands-On Healing & Reiki, Shamanism, Acupuncture and is a very inspirational teacher. I soon noticed how fondly and with great respect and love his work and soul were held by those who attended his classes in Newry, Northern Ireland.

Ciaran prepared the space beautifully smudging each person with sage as they entered the workshop space. He created very quickly a loving light hearted space, encouraging each person to connect with those around them, breaking down barriers and allowing each person to feel welcomed and at home in the space. Ciaran had prepared a beautiful introduction to my channelling and workshop, explaining how I worked and the energies that people may experience throughout the workshops.

The workshop proceeded with extremely high vibrations coming forward and much loving wisdom and truth from the Ascended Masters. Each person throughout the two days was encouraged to connect with first their masculine vibration and then their feminine vibration. With the activation of the portals the energies within the room and around us intensified greatly. It was wonderful to see many of the workshop participants smiling and feeling content within the energies and activations that were opening their truth up from within them for their observation and experience. The workshop guided by the Ascended Masters climaxed in the merging of the masculine and feminine portals integrating as one with replicas being distributed around all of Ireland for further anchoring of the balanced and healed masculine and feminine vibration of the Creator and healing of Ireland. The vibrations and healing waves were sent across the entire world to return the masculine and feminine vibrations of all to supreme and divine appropriate balance.

I would like to thank Ciaran for organising this workshop and gathering such beautiful souls to be present and of service to the ascension process of the Earth. Chatting with Ciaran after the workshops was very inspiring, he is a very loving and peaceful man and soul, with such profound knowledge and humble with it. Ciaran is very much a growing master in manifestation with a deep passion for sharing the love and wisdom of the Creator with all. After spending some time with Ciaran, I felt inspired to share his energies and work with others, so if you are passing through Newry, I would definitely encourage you to attend one of Ciaran classes or connect with his energies.

If you wish to connect into our work in Ireland and the messages of the Ascended Masters then you can download the workshop audio recordings click here


Ciaran Corr

Ciaran Corr is an inspiring teacher and complimentary health therapist who operates in Newry, Co. Down in Northern Ireland.

He brings a deep empathy, compassion and sensitivity to all. He is qualified in many areas of energetic healing – Tai Chi, Shiatsu, Qi Gung, Hands-on Healing, Reiki and now Acupuncture.

His extensive practical experience over 20 years shows in the mastery and perspective which he brings to all his classes. But it’s always with a view to grounding this understanding in everyday life. Light-heartedness, humour and laughter are hallmarks of his classes, and he reminds us often not to take ourselves too seriously.  His delight working with groups is obvious and contagious, and it’s a joy to be in his class.

He’s an unusual teacher in the energetic healing field in that he believes that what we learn in class has practical application in our everyday life. It’s this aspect that often engenders the comment that Ciaran does more than teach his subjects, he teaches about life itself.