Returning to the Power of Grace, Glastonbury Experience 2013

Sacred School of OmNa Natalie Glasson Glastonbury Tor AvalonReturning to the Power of Grace

Written by Natalie Glasson

11th March 2013

My recent previous visits to Glastonbury, the Heart Chakra of the Earth and Avalon had been focused upon healing past lifetimes, first connected to Atlantis and then the second connected to the time of Jesus. I had experienced wonderful adventures with my guides of discovery and healing but still I made my journey back to Glastonbury free from expectation with a sensation of excitement and joy within my being. My journey as it has always been recently was greeted by two swans. I believe swans to be connected to the High Priestess of Avalon, while also representing a unity and eternal oneness between souls. I laughed to see the swans manifesting on my path again but still couldn’t truly grasp their message for me.

On arrival it took me some time to become accustomed to the Heart Chakra energies of Mother Earth, grounding myself into the high vibrations. Glastonbury always seems such a magical place to me, there are so many levels of energy and vibration that one can tap into, it has profound healing vibrations while also assisting the veils between illusion and truth as well as the Earth and the inner planes to become very thin. Connecting with friends I allowed my personal healing process to unfold as it always does in Glastonbury.

At 7am the next day I made my way up the Tor as guided by Mother Mary the previous night. Mother Mary had come to me sharing that my current journey in Glastonbury wouldn’t be about my past lifetimes but would be about healing my present self. She explained that I had needed to release and heal some of my past lifetimes in order to bring completion and freedom to my current soul aspect. Mother Mary shared that now was the time to empower myself, to nurture and nourish my being as well as allowing my own present truth to unfold.  One of my purposes of visiting Glastonbury at this time was because of an activation occurring on the Tor on the 8th March 2013. Mother Mary shared that the power times of the day would be 12 noon, 4pm, 8pm and 12 midnight. She advised me to meet those that wished to join me at 3.30pm at the base of the Tor on the 8th March 2013 so that we may gather at 4pm at the top of the Tor to experience the energies fully. Mother Mary then asked me to visit the Tor each day before the day in order to anchor and receive energies.

At the top of the Tor, I sat in the tower shielding myself against the wind. Below me I sensed a light body of a female laying in a part of the body of the Tor. As I connected my energy with this light body my entire body fizzed with light, I felt as if my DNA was altering and being filled with light and consciousness held within this female light body. As I walked back down the Tor, I instantly felt that my energies had transformed, I saw myself as very carefree, holding a powerful essence of joy and a sense of freedom that encourage me to almost run down the Tor. In meditation later I tried to connect more fully with this energy wishing to discover the nature or purpose of the energy activated from within me. It was Krishna who came to me sitting before me emanating his radiant and glowing light. Krishna asked me to breathe into my body, instantly I saw the beauty of my body. Feelings of love, gratitude and adoration for my physical body rose from within me as I observed the beauty of the energy of my physical body rather than the beauty of the form of the physical body. Krishna encouraged me to breathe deeply allowing the light of my soul to radiate into my physical body. I observed as every cell of my body lit up as my soul connected more fully with my physical body. I fully sensed myself as a beautifully coloured and radiant energy body, understanding my power and accessing myself beyond illusion. I experienced feelings of being rejuvenated and refreshed.

It was later that day that feelings of being disempowered and disappointed especially in my own spiritual awakening arose to be released, even though these feelings felt present, I still recognised the love within me which allowed me to observe, detach and release the energies that had come up to be freed. I had realised that a part of my journey in Glastonbury was to empower myself and so it seemed natural that I would release many thoughts, perspectives and beliefs that disempowered me. I also realised that many of my most recent experiences in the past few months although needed for deeper exploration especially of the past had disempowered me, it now felt as if my power was collecting and gathering within my being. It is very beautiful how Glastonbury truly shows you all that needs to be released within your being, if you are ready to face, observe and love it.

On the evening of 7th March 2013 I had the most beautiful experience during meditation of my entire body being supported by the universe of the Creator as my channel opened wider allowing waves upon waves of beautiful light from all aspects and areas of the Creator’s universe to flow into my channel, so expansive was my channel that I felt I could accept all that was the Creator through my channel and into my being.

I was guided on the 8th March 2013 at 11.30am to begin a meditation and channelling at the base of the Tor with a small intimate group of friends and family. We meditated and then Archangel Metatron channelled through my being. Archangel Metatron spoke of a powerful activation occurring of the awakening of the feminine vibration within the Heart Chakra of Mother Earth and within our own beings. He guided us to prepare the Tor and Heart Chakra of Mother Earth  by holding the loving feminine vibration of all souls as a rose within our hearts, sharing this powerful vibration as a pale pink mist which merged completely with the Tor. Archangel Metatron was opening and healing our own heart chakras as well as the Heart Chakra of the Earth in preparation of us all including Mother Earth receiving Mother Mary’s energy, vibration and conscious as she acted as a representative of the Goddess vibration and the Magdalene vibration. This process was extremely powerful and deeply loving, you can listen to the channelling or download it for free at (Newest Downloads are at the bottom)

As guided by Mother Mary we gathered with friends at the base of the Tor at 3.30pm, making a slow walk up to the top of the Tor. Finding the most appropriate place, I began to channel. Archangel Metatron reminded and shared the preparation we had previously achieved with those who had not attended. The deeply special moment for me was when Mother Mary stepped forward; she stated that she was as present as she could be with us without existing in a physical body. Asking us to receive her and take her deeply into our hearts and beings she guided us into a golden chamber beneath the Tor, she worked with us in activating unconditional love within our DNA and entire being which was a deeply loving experience for all. Archangel Gabriel then came forth to reassure protect and offer the support of his soul and presence to us always. Not only did we experience a deep healing and activation within us but we anchored a powerful Goddess vibration into the Tor and heart chakra of the Earth for all to absorb and experience. It was beautiful to see and hear that many were gathering on the Tor and achieving what they felt guided to achieve to support the ascension of the Earth. We are all playing our part in assisting in the realisation of light, love and the Creator of the Earth and within our beings. Anything that you focus upon in service to the Creator and ascension is so valuable and essentially plays a vital role in bringing greater oneness, peace, awakening and love to the Earth and souls of all. You can listen to the channelling or download it for free at (Newest Downloads are at the bottom)

The sun shone brightly upon us as we made our way back down the Tor, gathering in the town of Glastonbury we enjoyed an evening filled with sharing, laughter, realisations, energy exchanges and further awakening as we supported each other in the vibration of fun. Many pathways and connections were energetically forming as well as powerful energetic exchanges of wisdom.

On the 9th March 2013 I truly came to realise my purpose of visiting Glastonbury and being present for the powerful activation. I came to realise that at the beginning of this journey I had been guided to focus upon empowering myself, enhancing my own inner guidance and developing a warrior essence of power within my being. I had been encouraged to let go of energies and beliefs that disempowered me as well as a perspectives that I give my power away. I realised that through receiving Mother Mary into my entire being my focus on empowerment had developed into a powerful blossoming of inner grace allowing the consciousness and vibration of grace to flow from my being. I have always felt a strong connection with Mother Mary and I feel that she was mirroring to me the powerful energy of grace that I hold within my being. My experiences were also encouraging me to see myself and my truth more fully. In recognising the vibration of grace within me I was healing myself, lifting myself up to become more at one with the Creator and the Goddess as well as recognising an aspect of my soul. I also realised that my soul holds a profound volume of the vibration of grace which I will discover more fully as I connect more deeply with my soul.

When we wish to activate and focus upon our power it is easier for us to realise and understand that our power isn’t a uncontrollable, wild, strong and intense energy but it can actually be the most beautiful, tender or gentle energy. There is no need to fear your power as it is often the most beautiful and sacred quality which you will feel so content, conformable and secure existing within. I also realised that swans can also be a symbol of grace and maybe the fact that I had seen two swans each time I travelled to Glastonbury could have been symbolising to me that I was returning to my power. The swans were already sharing with me the quality of my power, grace, but at that time I couldn’t see the realisation with clarity. I feel the swans have other meanings and purposes for me which will unravel with divine timing.

I now accept my inner power, the power of grace!

I allow myself to return to my power.

The greatest gift was upon leaving Glastonbury a beautiful rainbow appeared.

Written by Natalie Glasson