Spiritual Tour to Egypt by Natalie Glasson

Spiritual Tour to Egypt by Natalie Glasson www.omna.org
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18th -26th March 2011

I was invited by Rae and Naomi to accompany a Japanese group that they were taking to Egypt as a spiritual tour and awakening program. I thought it might be of interest to others to read about our journey. This is a summary as the magnitude and multitude of our group and personal experiences would be difficult to document.

Rae first came to me asking if I would allow Master Kuthumi to mentor him through my channel. I channelled Master Kuthumi to aid Rae’s spiritual development for three years, Rae is a magnificent channel and channels many divine beings. He had
asked if I would also channel at some point during our journey.

We came up against many challenges before our trip began such as the Egyptian uprising which began in January making it unsafe for many to travel to Egypt.Numerous times leading up to our trip we thought that it would be cancelled but holding faith and feeling that we needed to be in Egypt at this time we placed our faith and trust in the Creator.I am not very well travelled so for me to travel to Egypt alone felt like a major step, I discarded many fears before the trip which allowed me to travel with a deep seated peace within me and a strong feeling of my complete and absolute protection. I wasn’t sure if the Japanese group would make it to Egypt and so had to place myself in the Creator’s hands as I boarded my flight from the UK. The Japanese group had been able to make it to Egypt despite many setbacks.

It was my first time meeting Rae and his family even though we had spoken on the telephone many times. I felt a deep connection to them and felt immediately at home as if our group in Egypt was a family and had connected in lifetimes before.


To begin the day we placed a group intention of a high vibration and Rae channelled King Akhenaten who spoke of how we would activate the Pleiades energies, accept ourselves as masters and should anchor a blue light. Staying in Cairo we visited the Giza Pyramids in the morning of the first day. Inside the Pyramid we toned as a group and Rae channelled. I was invited to channel also, channelling the vibration of everyone’s guides I spoke of allowing the mind to be embraced by the heart to bring a deeper sense of peace, this peace could then be radiated to all of humanity using the pyramid as a tool of projection.

As a group we then entered the third pyramid, descending down into the tomb. Rae felt that this space had connections with Atlantis and held a softer energy than the previous pyramid. Master Kuthumi channelled through me that this pyramid was also a tool of projection and we should send our prayers to the Creator up through the centre of the pyramid. Many of the group were present in Atlantis and had wanted to save the fall of the Atlantean civilization but regretted that we could not, we held onto this desire to assist those from Atlantis even to this day. Master Kuthumi said that we could now let our Atlantean self come forward and speak prayers to the Creator to assist and support humanity’s growth now, dissolving any personal or
group karma that may exist between our current reality and Atlantean reality. The pyramid also acted as a golden protection which we could use at home to enhance our own wellbeing and connection with the Creator. We simply had to recognise the pyramid as a part of ourselves; we could draw the light of the Creator down through the point of the pyramid and from Mother Earth through the base of the pyramid, collecting the energy into our hearts. From this existence we could radiate the light and consciousness into our beings, into the pyramid and beyond to heal and transform the Earth into love.

Rae channelled beautifully asking us each to express our unique power sounds and describing how we could use these to maintain an inner balance and strength at all times. Rae channelled personal information to members of the group. Many had come to Egypt to remember their truth, heal and awaken
further. Much time was spent within each pyramid sending healing into the Earth. A camel ride was also experienced, a visit to Mit Rahina Museum in Memphis to see the Ramses II Colossus and the Alabaster Sphinx and to the Imhotep Museum and Saqqara. The Saqqara is the site of the Step
Pyramid which is older than the Pyramids of Giza. After dinner in the hotel garden Hans Ijzereef spoke to the group about living in the moment, accepting and appreciating ourselves while realising that we don’t have to be on the Earth but want to be on the Earth otherwise we wouldn’t be here and allowing ourselves to be happy. We create negative experiences because we are scared of being happy.


(Meditation 1) Each morning intention was given by the group to hold and experience the highest vibration of light and love throughout our journey. We visited the Citadel of Salah Al-Din where Rae channelled Allah and I channelled the Ancient Ones. The Ancient Ones said that every place holds the Creator’s energy of peace, in places of prayer the energy of peace can be extremely profound because it was created through people’s devotion to the Creator. It wasn’t created through the mind but through the heart. This energy of peace is often beyond anything ever experienced on the Earth and is held within the consciousness of walls, floors and ceilings. You can ask to activate the energy of peace, imagining the energy like crystals of peace in the walls, floors and ceilings, letting the energy shower over and through you. The crystals of peace flow into your crown chakra, falling into a cup in your heart chakra. The peace builds and over flows from your heart chakra into your entire body. Placing your hands on the floor, feel the energy of peace
pouring back into the building and the Earth, you can activate the ancient energy of peace and experience a greater oneness with peace. Your unity is experienced with the energy of peace rather than the building. This can be practiced in any place of worship or sacred vibration.

Visiting the Cairo Museum was an interesting experience for all; our intention was to anchor light as we were aware of the energy of the Egyptian Revolution still in the atmosphere. As we walked through the museum our energy vibration lowered and we came across many experiences that blocked our purpose. Rae was able to channel within the museum but no one really felt comfortable. For the first time the group began to split and go separate ways, everyone felt very confused. Afterwards we were able to look back at our experiences in the museum and see how we had been blocked and somewhat attacked by negative energies not wishing us to share our light. We were able to move through this experience and understand how energies of places we visit, good or bad, can affect our connection and ability to remain focused upon the light. The energy of the Museum offered all a valuable lesson of protection and following our intuition as many wished to leave the museum but did not as they felt loyalty to the group.

Rae led toning and channelling in Cairo airport as we waited for our flight to Luxor. A channelling was expressed that we had visited the museum to anchor light as the energy of the revolution and the energy of past kings and pharaohs who wanted to enslave or control people was still present.


The feminine energy of Luxor and the presence of the Nile River directly before our hotel revitalised and nurtured everyone.

(Meditation 2) At the Hathor Temple Rae guided the group in holding an intention and toning. Entering into a small temple dedicated to Isis, I was asked to channel. I channelled the Goddess beings who came forward to honour our energy. They placed their hands upon our feet to draw the energy of the Goddess into our beings, like a golden light flowing through us and into the Earth. A golden disc of light was anchored at each person’s feet allowing the energy to flow to their heart chakra. The light being expressed from the heart chakra was guided to flow into the person’s cupped hands. The group was guided to wash themselves with the liquid light to cleanse and purify themselves, allowing their energies to glisten. Surrendering to the Goddess energies the group anchored a large Goddess disc of light and consciousness into the Earth which assisted in the manifestation of the Goddess energy within each
person and across the Earth.

In the evening much information was shared through Rae’s channel with information and tips for the group’s spiritual development.


We understood that the energy of black magic can be present within the Valley of the Kings and so gave group intent of light, high vibrations and protection for our experiences. A member of the group and I had felt unease about our visit to the Valley of the Kings but had been given Archangel Michael’s sword and shield to support us, with a message that much light needed to be anchored. Everyone very much wished to visit the tomb of Master Kuthumi’s incarnation in Egypt, King Thutmosis III. Visiting Ramses IIII tomb we felt the energy was rough and unsettled. We then walked up to King Thutmosis III tomb and found that the whole area was closed. I was asked to channel Master Kuthumi as many people were disappointed. Master
Kuthumi explained that our energy was needed in other tombs but that a person had recently visited the area where King Thutmosis III tomb is and activated the dark magic stagnant in the stones from previous times. Those that oversee the Valley of the Kings had closed this area because they felt a negative vibration although they may not have realised this. Guided by Master Kuthumi we walked in our minds to the tomb where Master Kuthumi pointed out a symbol that we must absorb into our being and draw upon the floor to anchor the energy into the Earth. We were guided to place a golden pyramid over the area to dissolve all negativity. Master Kuthumi explained that the person who had activated the dark energy had actually assisted lightworkers as now that the stagnant energy had been released it was easier to dissolve by light. Many people saw similar symbols. Master Kuthumi said that he would guide us to the next tomb through Rae. Rae expressed a feeling to visit the Ramses III tomb, we then realised we were standing right
by it. Entering the tomb the energy was much softer and everyone felt happier. We were guided to a third tomb which was Ramses I, this was a small tomb and immediately I felt a block in my throat, Master Kuthumi came to me to say he wished to channel further for the group. Sitting down outside Master Kuthumi explained that in the Ramses I tomb there was a blockage of the throat chakra, the energy of desperation and a lack of communication with humans and the spirit world. This lack of communication was filtering from the tomb into the Earth and needed to be dissolved. Master Kuthumi placed the Goddess golden disc into each person’s throat chakra to aid all aspects of communication and connection. This was then anchored
into the tomb and filtered across the world to help humanity communicate with each other and the Creator with greater ease. The symbol found in Master Kuthumi’s tomb was place in our throat chakras and written in the sky to act as a beacon of light for all to see and absorb. The symbol also acts as a guide to draw many lightworkers to the Valley of the Kings and the area to continue to work to dissolve all negativity. A golden pyramid was anchored once more to cleanse the area.

A visit to the Al-Deir Al-Bahari Temple and a felucca ride was experienced. Rae channelled the beautiful energies of Grandmother Nile with a wonderful message with tips to develop ones spiritual advancement and work with emotions.


(Meditation 3) The group visited Karnak Temple in Luxor which is connected to Master Serapis Bey. Through Rae Master Kuthumi guided us to a small healing room in the temple where we were able to meditate. Master Serapis Bey came through me to offer an initiation for the group. Master Serapis Bey
explained that there was no going back and that we must honour the God within. He began the initiation encouraging all to honour a golden temple before them, to enter this temple and surrender to the light of the Creator. The Goddess beings were called to anchor the Goddess golden disc of light while the God beings were asked to anchor the God golden disc. These combined discs can be spun to radiate ones true self. The Ascended Masters were called to anoint and cleanse the physical body while a crystal was placed at the forehead of the person. Allowing our energies to flow into the Earth we were able to heal and cleanse the Earth also. The purpose of this initiation was to balance the God and Goddess energies within each person.

Upon rising after the initiation we noticed that on the wall an initiation was also depicted and so we knew we had been truly guided.

In a different part of the temple Rae channelled the Bee Consciousness explaining how Bees assisted and were a symbol of transporting people’s consciousness to higher vibrations. He explained that many of the Bees of the Earth had entered into a new dimension and this is why we could no longer see them and that we must follow. Rae also channelled Master Kuthumi saying that the group was the Order of the Golden Robes and we had each achieved a new level of ascension.  Personal channellings and healings were exchanged in the evening.


On this day there was a feeling that the work we had been brought to Egypt to achieve had been completed. We had anchored much light, expressed many prayers and also achieved several stages of initiations. The intent was to enjoy the remaining time we had in Egypt and to anchor more light through our footsteps. On our way to Aswan we visited the Edfu Temple or the Temple of Horus. I did not like the energy in this temple and so had to leave, many people found the energy heavy and of low vibration. Rae guided the group to tone and anchor light into the area in order to be of service to the Earth. For me I disliked the energies in the temple and wanted to leave as soon as possible, I believe that this is due to past life experiences of the energy of Horus. We later visited Kom Ombo Temple which was dedicated to the falcon god Horus and the Crocodile god Sobek. Again I felt an unsettled feeling within me upon entering Kom Ombo Temple, I was guided to anchor much healing energies within this temple also repairing past lifetime experiences while I meditated alone. In many ways I made my peace with Horus and was able to assist in the increase in the temple’s vibration. Meanwhile Rae channelled for the group as there was much concern about the Japanese people’s return to Japan and how they could be of service.

Arriving at our Hotel on Elephantine Island I took time to appreciate the Nile River, its beauty and magnificent energy. I was able to offer Personal channellings at this time.

Later Hans spoke once more to the group about unconditional love for oneself. Hans spoke of stopping all violence to ourselves, having the right to choose how we feel at all times and holding our own power.


On a boat we travelled to the Philae or Isis Temple. Rae had planned to do a channelling from Isis while I was guided to do a channelling to complete the initiations within the temple. Upon arrival the energy of the temple felt good and we enjoyed exploring both inside and out. Finding a place to begin we were distracted immediately by a temple man who said that we couldn’t continue and that he had a place for us to meditate. He showed us a small dark room inside the temple which didn’t feel right to anyone. We were then led to various places but northing felt right as our original place had been perfect, by this point we had allowed ourselves to become off balance. Eventually we found a new place which felt good but the temple man was now following us and had gathered other people, they were observing us and wanted money which made us feel uncomfortable. The Japanese group began to gather and chant in Japanese, those of us who do not speak Japanese wondered what they were doing. We were told after that they were breaking the
contact between the temple man and our group so that we could be free to make our own choices without the assistance forced upon us by the temple man. It was a highlight of the journey to see people take their own power and to solve a problem in a spiritual way rather than looking for physical answers or actions. Eventually we left feeling dishearten but we realised that we had been blocked from doing our work and should have remained focused upon what felt correct for us. We then experienced what had been originally planned in the gardens of the hotel.

This was the last day of our journey together as a group, everyone felt that they had grown and developed spiritually, learning new things about themselves. A change in everyone was evident. We all felt like a family and wouldn’t have imagined before the journey that we could find such great friendship, an inner knowing of connection with all and a great sense of being loved by the group. Everyone was thankful to Rae and Naomi for organising the trip.

For me I found that my visit to Egypt had not only boosted my confidence in my channelling ability but had also helped me discover things about myself which I had been searching for. I felt a great sense of belonging within the group and feel their love and support even to this day. I experienced great personal healing and was able to bring a closure to many experiences and cycles in my life. I met people who I had a true soul connection with and it was wonderful to finally meet Rae who had been Master Kuthumi’s student through my channel. For me this journey was life changing but it was also meant to be, as we discovered through Rae’s channelling that the people who Rae had brought with him from Japan were my students during Atlantis and I had contracted to return at this time to them to guide them to the next stage of their ascension.

I wish to thank all who I travelled with in Egypt for their friendship, love and support and for making the journey so beautiful. It truly was a spiritual journey of awakening for all.

Natalie Glasson 01/04/11

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