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The Link Between Detoxing & Channelling

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For some time now I have been suffering with acne, especially on my face and back, which seemed to be constantly erupting whatever cosmetics or creams I tried and whatever the situations in my reality. I really didn’t want to continue my adult life covering my face with makeup and feeling embarrassed about my out bursts so I mentioned my problem to Marian Bourne who is a friend of our family. Marian seemed sure that she would be able to assist me in getting to the core of the problem rather than just fighting the blemishes and invited me to her practice in Wimbledon, London, UK.

Marian-BourneFrom my first conversation with Marian in our session I recognised that she worked very intuitively, gaining guidance and feelings as to my problem and how it might be resolved. Marian suggested that my gut maybe causing the problems with my skin and that because of my channelling my body required only pure foods as any kind of processed or modified foods would cause my gut, digestion and body irritation. In order to support the light that I transmit daily through my channel I needed to nourish my body with food of the same pure and high vibrational frequencies. I am aware of blessing and healing food before consuming but Read more

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Healing My Past to Bring Light to My Present, 2013, Natalie Glasson, Mark Collin

Healing My Past to Bring Light to My Present…… 2013,

26th February 2013

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Written by Natalie Glasson

As we stepped into 2013 I felt a strong guidance and pull calling me to visit Glastonbury. With dates in my mind given to me by my guides I made my journey from London down to Glastonbury. My purpose upon arriving in Glastonbury at the Shekinashram was to begin a new book and take some time to adjust to the new energy vibrations that were pouring into my being. While this remained my intention I soon realised that my guides had other plans for me as well.

On my journey down to Glastonbury I had a vision that I was sitting by the fire with others in Avalon, I was singing and had the most beautiful voice. Two figures walked into the circle and took their places to listen; it was Jesus and Mary Magdalene. To me in my vision it felt as if I knew them so well, as if they were a part of my heart. Their acknowledgement of me was breath-taking with tremendous familiarity as Master Jesus addressed me as Read more