The Link Between Detoxing & Channelling

Written by Natalie Glasson, Website :

For some time now I have been suffering with acne, especially on my face and back, which seemed to be constantly erupting whatever cosmetics or creams I tried and whatever the situations in my reality. I really didn’t want to continue my adult life covering my face with makeup and feeling embarrassed about my out bursts so I mentioned my problem to Marian Bourne who is a friend of our family. Marian seemed sure that she would be able to assist me in getting to the core of the problem rather than just fighting the blemishes and invited me to her practice in Wimbledon, London, UK.

Marian-BourneFrom my first conversation with Marian in our session I recognised that she worked very intuitively, gaining guidance and feelings as to my problem and how it might be resolved. Marian suggested that my gut maybe causing the problems with my skin and that because of my channelling my body required only pure foods as any kind of processed or modified foods would cause my gut, digestion and body irritation. In order to support the light that I transmit daily through my channel I needed to nourish my body with food of the same pure and high vibrational frequencies. I am aware of blessing and healing food before consuming but in my case this didn’t seem enough. As we discussed my general diet and where I could make changes I realised that much of my diet was incorrect for my body, causing a fight within my body between the light that I was transmitting and the lower vibrational foods I was eating. I realised that I was also using food as grounding for my body but the foods I was using for grounding were only causing more stress upon my body and systems.

I was a ballet dancer before I become a channel so I was always focused upon weight loss or maintaining my figure, I realised that this focus now needed to be erased to be replaced by the focus of perfect nourishment for my body which I began to truly appreciate as the temple of my soul and the Creator. I often channel reminding people of how sacred, divine and treasured they are but now I was being guided to truly see myself, my channel and my body in this way, bringing the focus into physical manifestation.

Marian was very knowledgeable and guided me beautifully in how I could support my physical body and therefore support my channel. She is also an energy worker and intuitive understanding the demands of a channel.

Marian BourneAs I lay upon Marian’s practitioners table, Marian began to communicate with my physical body using the technique of kinesiology. She found that I had toxins in my body which would need to be cleared, a weak liver and an irritated gut. Intuitively she began recognise the three different remedies that would assist my body, especially creating a detox, which felt appropriate to me. I left Marian’s practice feeling as if I had some tools that would not only heal my skin problem but would allow the purity of my channel to develop.

On my first week I battled with finding a new way of eating and the constant disappointment of all the foods that I would no longer be able to enjoy. Tiredness from the detox and the realisation that the supermarkets and food products didn’t really support my new diet allowed me to feel helpless and a lower vibration.  Sugar is one of the foods that I was asked to remove from my diet and yet I was shocked to find that sugar sneaks its way into so many unexpected products. I have often felt in the past that I had a small addiction to sugar and so to cut it out completely was daunting. I was very surprised that once I chose not to eat sugar that it was very easy to say no and to remain in my power.

Almost from the start my skin began to clear, I lost weight and felt much healthier in my body. I also noticed that the energy I was channelling was becoming more powerful. I feel I was being supported by my guides tremendously in making these changes which would serve my channel and ability to transmit the light. Even my eyes seemed brighter and changed in their colour shade. I was amazed at how quickly my body was reacting to the changes I was making.

The energies were becoming so strong as they flowed through me or maybe it was my sensitivity to the energies was developing that I was realising I needed to look into ways of grounding myself and the energies more fully.

Due to my schedule I connect with Marian again two months later, she was delighted to see the changes in my skin and felt guided to work upon healing my gut in the coming month. Upon putting her hand on my torso she felt guided to ask me if I felt strong in myself and my body.  At first I didn’t quite know what she meant but through discussion we began to explore the idea. I explained that sometimes  I feel people underestimate me  and my power because of my petite body frame. I know that in many past lifetimes I have been quite tall in height which maybe would have been easier to demonstrate my loving power to others. Marian continued to work with my body to find new remedies to support my body and its transition back to healing and perfect health.

I had mentioned to Marian that after channelling a two day workshop I can feel quite drained and wondered if there were some vitamins that would support my physical body. Marian felt guided to communicate with my body to see if animal essences would support me, these hold the spirit or qualities of the animal activating the same within your being. My body told Marian that the wolf essence would serve me well. We discussed the manner of the wolf, realising that very few people would underestimate a wolf and that a wolf has the ability to stand its ground and remain in its own power. This essence also encourages the process of setting boundaries which I felt was needed between my spiritual work /channelling and free time or the demands of others upon my channel. The wolf vibration wanted to assist me in honouring my spiritual life long commitments while support the grounding, protecting and energising of my being. Owning my own power was also encouraged as well as bringing all my spiritual essence, soul and consciousness into physical manifestation upon the Earth so that there is no bridge between my physical body and spiritual being but complete embodiment at a physical level. This discovery was very exciting and Marian experimented with me in how I might use the essence, we also discovered how the colour red may benefit me, even though I dislike red, Marian said that it is often the colours we dislike that are needed for nourishment.

I am very pleased with the changes that I am experiencing due to Marian’s suggestions, intuition and support. My channelling is developing immensely; during my Lithuanian workshop the energies were so intense that I found myself gripping hold of my chair to remain grounded! So I can truly notice the difference.

Marian has run her own practice for 18 years as a Nutritionist, Kinesiologist and Cranio Sacral practitioner; she has built a wealth of knowledge in these areas so that she may support the healing of numerous symptoms that people may carry with them daily.

I would recommended contacting Marian if you are suffering with any type of pain or discomfort. As light workers, we can have many symptoms that we cannot truly understand due to energies anchoring, shifts, awakening or spiritual development but it is very rare to find someone who will understand when we express our needs as a spiritual being and a physical being, so I was very grateful to work with Marian.

Marian Bourne


Telephone: 020 8542 7907

Marian’s practice is in Wimbledon, London SW19, UK