Visit to Lithuania,Truth Awakening Ascended Master Workshop


Towards the end of June I had the opportunity to visit Lithuania and facilitate a workshop guided by the Ascended Master Brothers and Sisters of Light at Vilma’s Light House, Kaunas. This was my fourth visit to Lithuania. My book the ‘Twelve Rays of Light,’ was published in the Lithuanian language last year. I was delighted to see that many people were experiencing great joy and inspiration from the book, its wisdom and vibration.

Rita Rama who organises and invites many spiritual workshop facilitators to share with the Lithuanian people was instrumental in first inviting me to Lithuania and even now Rita continues to lovingly take care of me when I visit. I am very thankful to Rita for making my visits so enjoyable and comfortable.

After travelling through Israel and then so closely after travelling to Lithuania I felt that my energies were slightly depleted and I was in need of a rest in order to rejuvenate my being and energies.  It turned out that the Lithuanian workshop was exactly what I required. There were around 30 people present at the workshop and I experienced a deep sensation of love and support flowing towards me from the group as well as a feeling of being amongst light family. It was a deeply beautiful group of light that we all formed together as high loving vibrations. I felt myself rejuvenating with each moment of the workshop.

For me it is very different working with a translator while channelling because it means that I must focus on remaining in a meditative state and connected to the energy flowing through and embodying my being. Normally without pauses to wait for the translation I am able to enter into a blissful flow of channelling where I become and express the vibration with tremendous ease.  Rita beautifully translated my channelling as she linked into the energy herself also acting as a divine expression of the Ascended Masters who were stepping forward. Due to the translation the Ascended Master also had to share their wisdom and consciousness in a precise and clear manner; they achieved this by bringing forth numerous activations which constantly increased the vibration of the group.

I had facilitated a workshop with the same title in Ireland a month before but the wisdom and activations were very diverse to the previous workshop.  As we were being guided to activate and heal our own masculine vibrations and create the masculine portal within the room, the energy vibrations built with tremendous power. The energies were becoming so intense by the end of the day that I had to hold onto my chair with one hand in order to remain present with the group and my body.

On the second day we welcomed the feminine Ascended Masters to guide us, while the numerous activations continued we were relieved to notice that the energies were much gentler with the presence of the divine feminine vibrations. As we were guided to form and anchor the feminine portal to allow the healing and new vibrations of the divine feminine to merge with the Earth, the energies accelerated in intensity. At the moment of the activation of the divine feminine, as we were all focused in our intention and creation, church bells began to ring out almost in celebration of the return of the divine feminine. It felt like a powerful confirmation of the work we were being guided to achieve.

The merging of the masculine and feminine portal took place as we recognised a similar portal in Northern Ireland and placed energetic stamps of the portal in all places that required healing in Lithuania and in the world. I was guided by the Ascended Masters to conduct these workshops in Ireland and Lithuania only and so I can only imagine what this signifies at an energetic Earth and planetary level for all of us. I feel that we assisted in bringing forward new higher frequency and healed vibrations of the divine masculine and divine feminine of the Creator into the Earth, to connect with, inspire and support a deep healing and awakening within all. I feel we assisted in anchoring the divine feminine and masculine vibrations for this new era.

I wish to thank Rita and the workshop participants for their beautiful presence, the love and light that they shared.

Written by : Natalie Glasson

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