What Is It To Be Enlightened?

Sacred School of OmNa Natalie GlassonWhat Is It To Be Enlightened?

Written by Natalie Glasson 21/03/13   www.omna.org

This question is something that I often contemplate, especially as a channel most days in my reality sharing different and diverse wisdom, meditations and spiritual practices to assist others in gaining that state of enlightenment or ascension. I am aware that there are many pathways to enlightenment, all are valued and beautifully appropriate to inspire souls on the Earth. We are all open to following certain practices given by guides or Ascended Masters, we allow ourselves to be inspired by those around us and our soul’s guidance or intuition, but do we really have an understanding of why we are following the spiritual path, what the results or even the end result will be? Many of us may say that ascension or enlightenment are the results and goal of a spiritual path,  but again these are simply words, how can we translate and experience them in our physical or even energetic realities?

I have always had the understanding shared with me through my channel that enlightenment and ascension are very similar.

Enlightenment in my understanding is to hold within your being a deep knowingness which can translate into an understanding, awareness and connection with and of all things, including self, soul, soul group, inner planes, the divine will and plane of the Creator and the Creator.  In truth it is to realise within your being your oneness, complete integration and conscious connection with the Creator and many aspects or manifestations of the Creator, being conscious at all moments of your reality. We can achieve enlightenment in many ways through cleansing our energy, dissolving negative thought processes, emotions, actions and perspectives in order to see beyond and through the illusions of the Earth. Enlightenment is often described as receiving sacred wisdom and knowledge. It is my belief that enlightenment can be about receiving wisdom but this wisdom is always provided to us and always within us, it is more so that we are opening ourselves up to experience beyond the Earth, connecting with the divine flow of the Creator’s sacred vibrations. Enlightenment can be a journey of expansion on all levels of your being.

Ascension can be described as all of the above; in truth it is simply a label to define a process of spiritual growth or of enlightenment. In the past when one obtained an expansive state of enlightenment the physical body wouldn’t be able to sustain this vibration and the soul would move from the physical body to a light body to continue its journey of exploration, therefore leaving behind the Earthly planes. Due to the vibration of the Earth and our physical bodies quickening in speed there is less of a vibrational difference between the Earth and the quicker dimensions of the inner planes and so a person can ascend ( to achieve a state of constant expansive illumination, insight, freedom, peace and bliss,) while remaining in a physical body. This is a process of allowing the light body, soul and on some occasions the soul group to become fully embodied within the physical body allowing the person to exist on the Earth while simultaneously seeing through the veils of Earthly illusion.

Ascension and Enlightenment denote an achieved transformed state of being but also describe the journey that one makes to achieve the state of illumination and merging with the source of the Creator.

With this understanding it is interesting to then question how one would act, react and be as a being on the journey of or obtaining enlightenment and ascension. We are aware that expectations do not serve us and only act as a form of limitation, because as humans we can only access a certain portion of the divine will of the Creator whereas when we surrender to the will of the Creator we can allow miracles beyond our imaginations to manifest. It is also important to be aware that every person’s path is diverse and their perspective of their ascension state different.

I have come to realise that as we progress through our ascension path we can develop many spiritual, psychic and healing abilities.  To many people and even to the self these abilities can justify or act as evidence of one’s spiritual status but most spiritual abilities are born in this lifetime from past lifetimes akin to an energetic pattern reoccurring and being carried forward. A person can hold many or one beautiful spiritual ability which is natural and beautifully aligned with the Creator but this doesn’t necessary mean that they are walking a spiritual, ascension or enlightened pathway. Nor does it mean that they have a gift or are seen as a chosen or special one by the Creator. Many souls choose to carry spiritual abilities into lifetime after lifetime in order to develop their abilities or to assist their greater goal for that lifetime. Spiritual abilities are like talents which need to be nurtured and nourished by dedicated spiritual practices such as meditation, self-observation and cleansing and enhanced Creator connection, if one doesn’t achieve this then the spiritual talents can become stagnant.

It is my belief that it is not the spiritual talents and abilities that allow someone to be enlightened or to ascend, it is more so the way that a person chooses to exist and be in their physical reality.  It is not even an expansive spiritual knowledge or wisdom that denotes an enlightened being, although this can assist in eradicating perspectives of limitations and illusions. In truth I feel that everything that we associate with a spiritual existence is also in some way an illusion. Abilities and spiritual knowledge are a result of a deeper core and manifestation with our being, this core is the vibration and essence of love.
When we allow ourselves to feel a complete and truthful loving vibration and emergence within our being which is simply born rather than born from something, someone or a situation, then we are connecting with the Creator, focusing on a pathway that will allow us to move into enlightenment and ascension. With a focus on nurturing the love source or space within our being we develop qualities, attitudes and perspectives which encourage us to develop into beautiful illuminated beings. Qualities such as unconditional love, gratitude, contentment, inner peace, trust, abundance, healing, deep connections with others and the Creator, clarity, power and grounding can all manifest through focus and development of the source of love within. It is my belief that with the embodiment of these sacred qualities one can allow themselves to step through mastery into enlightenment and ascension. As we overcome the challenges and illusions of the Earth we allow ourselves to embody such qualities constantly.

Unconditional love allows us to exist in a reality free from conditions and limitations, allowing ourselves to acknowledge every circumstance as an opportunity to share or receive love, therefore boosting our love vibration and empowering our reality and entire being with the vibration. Unconditional love allows us always to return to and remain in the centre of love.

Gratitude allows us to be grateful and thankful for all that we have and are, encouraging a belief and understanding of abundance and the constant flowing vibration and presence of the Creator, therefore eliminating fears, worry or strive.

Contentment indicates an acceptance of ourselves which can be explored on many physical and spiritual levels of our beings, encouraging a deep acceptance of the Creator within our beings.

Inner peace can manifest from the presence of all of the above qualities put encourages us to create peace within our realities erasing fear, chaos and challenges so that spiritual lessons may be grasped from peaceful experiences. Inner peace allows for everything within our beings and surroundings to exist in harmony thus we are existing in harmony with the Creator.

Trust means that we surrender to the will of the Creator allowing ourselves to be divinely guiding, knowing that we will never be lacking when we truly open up to the Creator and become an embodiment of the Creator.

Abundance is present when the vibration of inner love is present; love attracts loving vibrational experiences and energies in their bounty. The flow of love from within our beings encourages a deep understanding that there is no truth in lack, encouraging a feeling of being provided for and being truly worthy.

Healing is a process of returning to the Creator, with every healing that is achieved and instigated upon ourselves we encourage ourselves to move away from illusion stepping into a reality of oneness with the Creator.

Deep connections with others and the Creator are born through the process of honour and respect for ourselves, accepting ourselves as the Creator and realising the same within others. Connection can be experienced as a vibration and feeling but can manifest into wisdom or spiritual clarity.

Clarity is born from the manifestation of many of the above especially trust and contentment. Clarity can manifest when the mind is ready to see beyond illusions.

Power can allow for a deeper understanding of self and how to be at one with others and self. Power encourages us to embody love placing it into positive action within our realities.

Grounding allows for an expression of being humble, knowing how others may feel and experiencing a deep equality with all while a deep connection and love for nature.

It is my belief that it is the way in which we act, react and BE in this world that signifies and creates enlightenment. For me we are enlightened when our entire being and reality is born from and exists in love constantly.

Written by Natalie Glasson

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